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@Rime I'm only up to 5 Atlas stones and I've run into quite a few extreme weather worlds of every type.

OT - Is it really not obvious that the Atlas path is what you're supposed to follow? Wtf people...

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You don't know what a tech demo is. That much is clear.

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I'm still loving it, but then again I paid attention for the last 2-3 years. An exploration heavy game is what I expected and what I got.

OT - I had 3-4 crashes during the first week. None since the first patch ( not counting the day 1 patch of course )

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Yeah if Sony keeps going down this path I'll switch to PC gaming. The main appeal of consoles is buying hardware that's good for 5 years or so. Offering upgrades every 3-4 years cancels that out, at least to some extent.

On a related note, console fans who've given Ubisoft a hard time for target renders had better brace themselves because that issue is about to get much worse across the board.

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If you've played the game you know your statement was false. End of story.

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So far the two aren't very comparable, but if they both continue down this road physical consoles will be done. That will save them money so it's what I expect, even though I don't like it._

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I loved Human Revolution. Just having a hard time getting into Mankind Divided so far. It's like they tried to make it more like the original Deus Ex but didn't know how to pull it off. I'll keep going and hopefully I'll come around but it feels very dated and even sloppy to me.

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The difference is I stated an opinion based on games I've played, while you simply lied.

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I bought Deus Ex, played through the intro section, and went back to No Man's Sky. I haven't played a more last gen game yet this gen than Mankind Divided. That's coming from a big fan of the previous DE.

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"Nothing from the E3 demos are in the game"

Incredibly false.

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From my admittedly limited time with this game, one of the 10 things should be "It's not as good as it's predecessor". It's like they wanted to make it more like the original Deus Ex but didn't know how to pull it off.

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My experience with this game so far has been highly disappointing.

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So far I remain very underwhelmed and disappointmented with this game.

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Nintendo didn't give Sony and MS a bloody nose with the Wii. They offered up a completely different product that arguably wasn't even in the same category as 360 and PS3, and casuals ate it up for awhile before abandoning it for their phones and tablets.

I'm having a great time this gen.

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Some of the things you list are things anyone who paid attention should have known or expected. For example I knew ships wouldn't be extremely varied and naming them wouldn't be an option. I also didn't expect the creatures to be as varied as many evidently did. I hadn't even noticed the lack of planet rings, but have they said rings aren't in there or is it just that no one has seen any yet? I saw a predator kill an herbivore yesterday. It was nothing spectacular but it h...

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Have to say I'm disappointed in this game so far. It's funny to me that No Man's Sky has gotten such flack when it was exactly what I expected after 2-3 years of previews, and this game is the one that's letting me down even though I really enjoyed the last one. As of now I kinda wish I hadn't bought DE but I'll press on with it and see if it improves.

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I don't think the game needs saving. I'm still loving it. How anyone is let down after 3 years of transparency is beyond me, but it makes me feel smart so carry on.

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Still hoping for a No Man's Sky PSVR announcement, though I don't expect it to happen. Not soon at least. Maybe never.

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Yeah there is. Just yesterday I was scanning a small group of passive animals from a distance and saw a predator run into the group and kill one of them. The other animals scattered and the predator started circling the corpse. I approached, expecting to be attacked, but it ignored me. I assume there was some sort of hungry or not hungry calculation going on and the predator had just eaten so I was safe for a bit.

OT - That depends entirely on the player. I'm still lovi...

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