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I buy whatever is the cheapest option. I always wait for deals unless it's a game I really want to play, like persona 5, which then I buy disk as it's almost always cheaper to buy day 1 than digital. The PS4 digital deals are very good not to turn down.

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yep just found out myself. I was wrong...forgive me internet

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I highly doubt it. a year down the line sounds more likely. Alan wake took just less than 2 years to come to PC although I don't think we will be waiting that long

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All the features are available on it. It was just for educational use meaning products couldn't be sold if it was made with it, the same if you have a educational edition of 3DS Max or Maya

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I used the PhyreEngine at uni. One of the worst engines iv ever used. takes forever to do the simplest thing and completely un-user friendly, but saying that I have been spoiled with UE4. If someone wants to know what one looks here: http://imgur.com/zEFCoPY

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Visage does look really good hoping that it has puzzle elements in it too early to tell

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Walking around the home simulator, sister is a lesbian and ran away with a girl. I've just saved you £15 or whatever they was going to charge.

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It looks nice but needs work with the character modelling. it would be nice if he releases all files so other people (including me) can add to it.

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you can get the warhammer game cheaper on G2A for around £15, its not that much cheaper but every little helps

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actuary you can apply to have access to everything in gameworks, although that's not technically open source they pretty much let anyone have access who is making a game, game design student or be able to add your own reason why you would like to use it.

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this just makes Gray markets and VPN much more popular. Steam is actuary expensive compared to sites like G2A, G2Play, CDKEYS and my personal favourite Kinguin.

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Im really not sure how the ps4 is going to cope with VR, I mean you need a high end PC to run the oculus rift, I know on the PS4 they can dedicate resources to make games run better but there is only so much you can do.

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Do people still care about who out sold who? as long as the person is happy with what they bought then who cares

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im sure that steam sales about 2 years ago had better deals than they do now,nothing seems to pop out at me. Kinguin for buying day one games for around £20 or less (SOMA FOR £7.08 Mad Max for £12.13) seems more appealing for me rather than waiting for steam deals. Thinking about it its been ages since I bought a game from steam

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remove your anti virus those do f*%k all anyway,if its an IOS, Mount the ISO with Deamon tools lite (the free version) to install the game.

copy the crack folder (on the iso) contents into the install directory ( were you installed it) its should say replace these files, say yes.

Play game.

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FIFA is very popular in the UK and is a very mainstream game. I expect it to be the number 1 game for quite awhile until COD comes out. FIFA and COD are games for the non gamers or people who only buy a couple of games a year.

personally there not my type of games but a lot of people buy them every year

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woooh man thats some deep sh! t

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well if you buy it on pc you can find it for around £7

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i think its more we can cut out the middle man, so not as many people take a cut.

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