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Playstation Universe.

I'm loving all my PS3 gamers right now showing our strong support! The world is recognizing who we are and how we play beyond. How U R Not Red E.
Live in your world. Play in ours. PS3.5 It only does everything and thensome.

Talk about Brand Loyalty. WoW! I'm impressed. PS3 gamers are the best. Love you warriors. Play On!

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I'm drivin I-95 right now to Miami in 30 minutes. PSN Let's Go!
Metal Gear Online... I miss you.

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have fun on your poor mans ps3. hahaha

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Sorry, I rather continue playin single player than buy a piece of crap you rent. i own my ps3. what the hell does xbox make besides kid games? i like my games bloody, complicated & satisfying. you can keep that bubblegum for yourself or kinect my foot to yur a$$, fruit baskets.

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What the hell am I gonna do this weekend? Talk to the wife? C'MoN!!!

I think its justifiable if hackers or anyone imitating a hacker gets his due critical beatdown.

If you know someone who "hacks" its time to unleash your fury upon them. Hackers took ps3 gamers to war. Its time to fight back violently. I'm talkin hockey masks and jumpsuits.

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I'm not gonna front... With psn down, I've been spendin more time at the gun range. I'm really missing MGO, Mag and killzone 3. Not sure if I should get socom 4. All the changes to it upsets me. But enough about me, how are you handlin psn down.

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Let Me just say what everyone is thinking:

I'm american. A new yorker actually and new york city is just a little island of quick thinking folks. Yet the rest of the country is dumb deaf and blind. They are truly stupid. Really stupid. Its because of these slow minded people our games are being tailor made to play themselves. From short campaigns, auto aim and on rails action to stupid retarded opinions recycled and forced upon the fools who rea...

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People still care about IGN? Fat white guys with fat wives and fat kids. Wouldn't you Be angry all the time too if your job was to brainwash 11 year old boys?

Answer: yes. Yes you would be a total loser on a ego trip.

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What's the deal about no pistols? How did slant six build a more hardcore socom than zipper? What's is wrong with the gun sound effects?

What happened to proxy chat? Why is the mic situation retarded? How come cover isn't fluid? Why is there no animation for removing a magazine out of the guns? Why couldn't you just make socom confrontation better instead of I don't know what the hell this game is or supposed to be.

Basically? Why isn'...

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I really don't care about killzone haters. Have you noticed that all they do is cry and whine?

I wonder how pathetic they would have been during my era of atari 2600? You can be a critic if you want to but please for the love of god and for the purity of manhood... GROW UP FAIRY PANTS.

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Because the awesomeness is underserving of this overrated hack of a developer whose sequels are worse than the original. Its fun.

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This Game is unbelievable! After a long days work I am proud to have KZ3 inside my PS3 waiting for me. It brings out the Rambo/Terminator in me. Thanks GG and digital foundry.

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Can Cliffy B even afford to play KZ3 in 3D? No excuse if he hasn't. Just sayin cliffyB, there's a level to ps3 few have seen thus far.

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You cant do a full review if youre not playing with the MOVE, a 3D HDTV and SURROUND SOUND. All Reviews are Incomplete. Sorry, thats just how I feel and being poor is no excuse for a critic.

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Hee Hee!

Killzone 3 belongs to Me. Mine to Own. Mine to enjoy.

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I just like playstation games and if the NGP can keep bringing me experiences like the psp has I'm all over it.

My favorite franchises spinned off onto a handheld like metal gear peace walker, resistance retribution, socom fireteam bravo and motor storm artic with 2 analog sticks and playstation graphics! Oh Em G! Go ahead and miss out if you want to but not me. I'll be V.I.P with my NGP.

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Meh to gears... Its like a old atari 2600 tank game to zsa vu, vertigo repetition.

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I would like to say a few things that I believe the gaming media should focus on with this whole ps3 hack hoop-la.

1.) When the ps3 released its strongest attributes was how the ps3 was hack-proof. That is something all electronic devices like to say and for sony it has been proven True for so many years. When a company says "Hack-Proof", it becomes a obsession with hackers for its challenge. At this stage of the game seeing how hackers actually needed to steal a r...

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You get unlock better cars if you remain close in lap times with a car that doesn't overlap the competition.

You wonder why you've got crap cars? Lol!
Polyphony gave you the option to cheat and you took the bait and gt5 made you feel like you suck. The A.I. Remembered all you're corner cutting and ramming and made you pay for it later. Oh you mad because I'm stylin on ya.

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Excuse Me but in A-spec there is a menu at every race that list "Typical Opponents". Next to the cars is a list of there horse power from highest to lowest. If you want challenging races what you need to do is read about your cars description. Each car you drive has its own amazing upgrades for which you really don't need to buy from the tune up shop. Then match up your horsepower with the pack leader and PRESTO!!! You've got a incredible Gran Turismo Race.


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