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Either way I'll have my 360 reflashed by then so I'll probably get to play it early then buy a legit version for PS3 on release.

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Europe is usually Wednesday (UK Friday), can't say I'm disappointed since I'm used to this crap but big games should always be world wide released I'm fed up of Americans constantly getting games and everything else before us.

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I'm sure microsoft would do it as well if they had any decent franchises from last gen...

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your a choob

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MW3 just shown the same typical cod gameplay with no obvious improvements, Battlefield was amazing and realistic but didn't really show too much.

Uncharted was probably my favourite tbh

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Xbox still misses out on the beginning and the end of the snake saga so who cares.

Cant wait to platinum all these just hope they release MGS4 trophies to add to the collection

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i'll be the first to egmit the game is average but when you get used to it its very addictive, the clan system adds the enjoyment since you can always play with without any r*ta*ds on your team and against decent opposition so i'll buy it 1st day.

KZ3 multiplayer failed and Resistance 3, Uncharted 3 and Battlefield 3 don't come out till fall so this will tie me over till then.

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you still need an american version of the disc for the dlc to work

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agree tbh, i had about 50 hours on the kz2 beta and 300 hours on the full game but kz3 beta i got 3 hours and honoustly couldnt be bothered to turn it on.

hopefully the full games an improvement since there meant to be bringing back custom lobbies so we can ban the scrub stuff and lmg's wont be so overpowered.

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astro's are pretty crap aswell but alot better than any turtlebeach, tritton or sharkoon.

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your clueless, stereo>any real 5.1 headset

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Didnt anyone learn from the previous forza's? all turn 10 do is lie and overhype there game and your left in disapointment when its released.

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id pick a ps3 version of peace walker over rising anyday, raiden sucks

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damnnnnn you got issues.

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microsoft dont have anything to do with pc games or get any money off 3rd party pc games

so why would microsoft want gears n mass effect on pc? there just not exclusives.

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cause mgs is godlike, greatest game series ever.

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ofcourse it will push it mainsteam. will take a fair bit of time since the price of 3dtvs but it will help sell alot. im looking into to buying one as soon as they become a bit cheaper and before kz3 is released (need a new tv anyways).

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the xbox has been out a year longer and is less that 5million ahead of ps3. so xbox a bigger failure? idiot

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