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MODS here are a joke. I'm getting tired of dealing with the ones that cause problems yet are never dealt with. I'll be lloking for a new site to visit. They should just get rid ot the bubble system and let the fanatics have at it at will. They hardly do a thing as it is.

Just waiting for another site to grab my attention then I'm out. The MS fanatics who do not realize they are supporting a company with bad consumer intentions will never understand and will conti...

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Sony spends the money their fans give them on games. MS spends it on marketing, apps and features. As a gamer which one benefits you more?

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Pay to play is the main lure. The 360 fanatics can harp on x-chat of other fluffy features and apps but the main lure is online gaming. Something MS denies you unless you pay.

What are you paying for? Apps and extra non gaming features. It isn't for games with dedicated servers allowing for big skirmishes with 64-256 players. It isn't for games like LBP that allow for mods and sharing. It also is a closed system that will not allow for Steamworks to be available. <...

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MS has really pulled a fast one this gen with the help of their media affiliates. It really is a shame the things they have gottern away with this gen. As a long time gamer I've never seen a console manufacturer be so deceitful and disrespectful to a community so willing to support them.

Regardless of how well MS does in the console market it has created a division like never before. It isn't just some brand allegiance keeping gamers away from MS' consoles but th...

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MS fanatics supporting a company that gives you so little. It is unbelievable the fanaticism over a company that blatantly fleeces you yet you seem to adore them for it. It is sad that MS does so well in NA. All they do is release 2-3 high quality exclusives a year, they do not push online player counts for huge online matches, no mod and share titles all while charging a ridiculous fee and that is to be praised by giving them good sales.

Ms gamers need to wake up and realiz...

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Great for MS but is it great for you. Funny how you don't see as much fervor over games as sales. I guess there are so many Halo articles one can take. If your an MS supporter it's nice they do so well in NA but when is MS going to give you more exclusives. There's Halo then Gears (may go to at least PC again like Fable) then....?

It's like your rooting for them for giving so little back.

Anyways, Worldwide they are all most likely doing close...

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Shovelware...maybe but the PSX outnumbered the N64 in the quantitiy of quality games it had. N64 had maybe 10 good to great games compared to PS' 50. N64 has some classics for sure but can't really compete overall, game for game.

Sounds similar to Sony's performance every gen actually. The success of the Playstation brand has been it's clear superiority when it came to the quantity of quality exclusive titles both new and established.

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Dont care for the others. I much prefer the Japanese offerings.

The only multiplatform games I've owned this gen are Blaz Blue and Assassins Creed (gave it away).

Other multi-plats I'm interested coming this year are Fist of the North Star and Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom; J-Dev games.

It's not about, oh it's multi-platform so I'm not interested it's just most I find bland. Not all but most.

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PS1 high quality games out numbered N64 bests. Sure the 64 had a handful of classics but so did the PS1 and then some.

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If Nintendo had gone to CDs instead the N64 may have had a chance against Sony. Look at the top 50 games for each console and you'll see a differnce in quality after the first 10 for each.

I'm glad Nintendo is still around even though their games for the most part do not interest me any longer. Mario Galaxy, Fire emblem, Fragile Dreams and the upcoming Epic Micky are the only ones I'd purchase.

Nintendos success is good for industry growth. Many ...

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I have the game and will play it after Nier.

Just finished reading the manga after watching the anime. Great anime and even greater manga. After the ending to the aniome I had to know what happened after. looked on line read a few pages and just had to support the amazing work of Kentaro Miura.

I wish the PS2 Berserk game would've gotten translated but I'll have to get a modded PS2 and buy the import with fan translations online, one of these days.

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Now we have ms. A company almost totally dependant on timed exclusives and 3rd party games, specifically those not on the ps3.

If sega were around and thriving in the hardware space, we'd have a company that understoood the importance of exclusives instead of one more about apps and services. A real shame.

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Sandlot has made me a fan since producing a great game like RAD. One of my all time favorite games. IF this game is released for the PS3 I'll keep an out out for it but I really want a sequel to RAD.

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There is something about Japanese game games that has that flair and imagination that other devs can't seem to match. Would like to see some game-play vids and a release date. Very interested from the little I've seen so far.

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Guess Japanese gamers have figure out most of the top 360 games are on other platforms so why bother supporting it. 2,860 is still a lot for a console with hardly any exclusives.

Wish NA gamers would wake up and realize MS' console is not worth supporting as well.

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The important thing is what have they done for the industry and more importantly gamers.

For the industry they give them a bigger canvas for more creative expression every gen. They allow devs to create larger games, games that allow for mods and sharing but most importantly the time and support needed to see their creation reach it's potential.

For gamers, they receive top quality exclusives that are not available elsewhere. Games that allow for new fe...

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Sure I understand about wanting more money. Just don't lie about a game being exclusive when it really is just a timed exclusive.

Rockstar, Bethesda and others are guilty as well and it stinks.

+ It has left a negative impact to the way I view those companies. I'll not support them with day 1 sales at the least and will keep a wary eye out for them.

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The thing is I'm sure you'll not hear a similar statement from the known MS bias sites and the big ones not wanting to ruffle any feathers.

PSeye is $40 compared to Kinect at $150. Both are very similar yet one costs almost 4x as much. Kinect should be half the price with a pack in game.

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I really do wonder why some of these ideas thrown about by gamers aren't made into games. The heads of studios really have me wonder sometimes of their competency.

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For those that game a lot it may be worth it for all the added discounts and free games given in return.

Sure it's a way to gain more money but not at gamers expense. I lose nothing by not signing on to PSN+. I just do not get discounts and free games which is fine by me.

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