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The timing was all wrong,,,it'll still happen, just not as soon.

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Sounds like someone's licence expired.

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Who did you think was going to pay for the acquisition of Bethesda?

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Meh, I've got the Series X, and to be honest I think, as long as the frame rate is high and stable, nobody can tell the difference.

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Started this at the beginning of this gen, was frankly disappointed by the lack of next gen support for it,so stopped playing, seems my patience has paid off. A welcome patch.

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This evidentially says more about how backward compatibility is implemented on the the 2 devices than it does about raw power, right?

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Oh, my bad. I just uninstalled to make room.... I assumed it was like horde mode. I really should read the small print. :/

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Too little, too late, anyone that wanted it has already decided.

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Personally I can't even bare to read another Cyberpunk article, just put it back in the oven for a few months, then we'll talk. :(

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It's ok, I had a feeling it was going to be a train wreck if a launch, so my expectations were quite realistic.

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So they've oiled the Gears then?

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And rightly so, people handed over good money for this based on hype and trust. The Devs knew it ran like hot garbage and released it anyway. The way they blocked early console reviews is kind of dishonest and in the least a failure to deliver on a promise.

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Highlights more than ever that next gen is a marketing term only. As with PC, it's simply processing power and data access speed. And so called next gen upgrades will simply be optimisations.

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Evidently they originally expected to launch the title way before next gen was available. And with the deadline crunch, probably haven't even had time to look at the new consoles yet.

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Hmm,, I play daily, and honestly, if I didnt know that I'd installed a 70 gig update I wouldn't know that it was supposed to be next gen...seems exactly the same to me, yeah a bit smoother, but nothing spectacular..🤷‍♂️...

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Bungie basically saying... 'look, we know we've dropped the ball here, just bare with us while we see where it's rolled to'

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Because you only get one first impression?

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This was the first review I came across. Seems to be a little harsh compared to the reviews I read afterwards.🤷‍♂️

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Started reading this and was reminded of the issue on the first Elite controller where the rubber palm grips would peel off over time, .
Anyway my first point is, it doesn't matter how much they test these products in lab conditions and sample groups, there are issues that are simply unforeseen once they get into the wild.
My second point is, thanks for triggering my OCD, I've spent the last hour trying to re adhere the rubber on my Elite did not go...

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Case in point, regardless of what our expectations are of the hardware, we are clearly at the mercy of the software.

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