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courts have ruled that hackers can create software even if it compromises someone elses work as long as it wasnt released with malicious intent. this software is made possible through our first ammendment ; freedom of speech. geohots work doesnt contain any of sonys copywrited code and this "key" everyone talks about is figurative.

i agree with you that consoles are for playing games but your not seeing the bigger picture, if sony won t...

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IMO once you have your own car is when portable consoles are pointless

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@bodybombs i dont even know why you bother explaining it to this bunch of retards. i completely agree with you. sony has absolutely no case here and it will get thrown out as the many cases before it did. i already gave up trying to explain why sony has no case many times and all i get is ignorant fanboys that dont have a clue what their talking about replying or dissagreeing.

people on this site are so ignorant they dont see the implications of this on our rights as US cit...

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this game is so overrated. the puzzles consist of push this block here or pull this switch then run. the ending was cool but this games given way more credit than it deserves for what it does. if you want to play a great puzzle game play braid.

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what happend to that game jade raymond was working on

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it was a security update from the get go. why would MS release a random ass update that does 'nothing' with no press release.

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yea i agree. they could of made a killing off of all the dumbasses buying it first day just like apple did with the iphone.then months later drop the price to 250

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itll get delayed i know it.

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i think that syndrome is the celebrity syndrome. what other hacker can you actually name. not to mention notoriety with big name companies for an easy job

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yea this is pertty pathetic every thread about hackers theres always some dumbass with a comment about punching him or having no life. i can tell you this guys making way more money than you ever will.

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why are they trying to get the court jurisdiction to move to california? this is honestly pretty pathetic,you can pretty much move a court anywhere with a bs excuse like that. why not just say someone downloaded his hack in hawaii so lets set the court over there.

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yea lets see MS be so happy when you have appulous/ installous on it.

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because your masochistic

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360 still isnt hacked. it can play backups via dvd flash but the actual console isnt hacked to run custom apps.

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i looked into that bs. you need to pay apple 100$ a year and have a mac. FUK macs, im not spending 1000$+ for something thats worth 400$ in pc form

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maybe this is part of their plan from the get go. they dont ban hackers on MW2 to make everyone get pissed and switch to blops. then once cod8 comes out they wont care about blops modders either

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what do you want us to call him clifford?

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im starting not to like sony with all these lawsuits

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i thought that game sucked. IMO it was worse than mario 1,2,3 and world. they really dumbed it down to make it 4 players.

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"This a mod for GTA 4 on the Pc and i have created a movie about it relating to inception beacuse of the rapid nostion of the mod. Thanks to Rockstar for the gameplay footage"

"i have created a movie about it"
" Thanks to Rockstar for the gameplay footage"

no mention at all of the real creator of the video dot12321. damn hypocrite even in your reply you straight out lie.

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