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Don't get the Konami business model anymore. So many great franchises just sit on the shelf not being utilized. People have mentioned the 2D Castlevania issue. The reason for no new 2D release in the past several years? No idea...maybe if the Assassin's Creed China experiment sells well it will inspire them?

Japanese devs and publishers just seem to be shitting the bed these days. Square-Enix, Capcom, Konami, it's just not the glory days of the PS2 for these guys ...

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This is what happens when your 10-year project is nothing more than a shiny, wash-rinse-repeat experience: you don't get the expected life out of it. No I'm not playing any more.

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Too bad, cause it's not that good of a game. While FFXV is extremely promising, Type-0 wasn't good enough to make me a believer in Square-Enix again. losing faith since 2008...

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"At no point was I able to use two shields. The game continues to force you to HAVE to use some sort of weapon, like a sword, scythe or guns. There is no opportunity to equip a second shield for defensive purposes. From Software needs to learn that some gamers don't care about doing damage; they simply wish to play defense to the point that the enemy fatigues itself and collapses in exhaustion."

4/10 - a disappointing, offensive romp that features too many cool ...

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I'm primarily a Sony and Nintendo gamer (sorry Microsoft). That said, I would not want to see Nintendo leave the console market.

Nintendo is smart enough to cater to market trends. Say what you want about the Wii (I personally thought there was too much shovel-ware on that system), but it caught the desire for motion-control at the right time. Sure, it was marketed to little kids and casual playing parents who now only want to play Candy Crush, but it was good business la...

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Properly marketed, this game is going to be huge. Quality isn't going to be the issue for Bloodborne. It's going to be market recognition. Younger gamers will not be the target here and we know that older/hardcore gamers don't always lead to the financial success of a consoles (see the Wii's success last gen), it's that in-between the Sony has to capture for this thing to be a huge hit. That 13-19 year olds crowd that carry the COD community now since they saw their older ...

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Love is a beautiful thing. No matter their sexual orientation, no one should be denied the opportunity to love someone.

I've always been proud to call myself a gamer when themes such as homosexual acceptance are presented in titles such as Dragon Age: Inquisition. I was especially proud of BioWare for allowing the gamer to make the statement that it's perfectly ok via the morality system.

If Ellie is lesbian, that's perfectly fine. Frankly the fa...

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Hellblade for sure is no.1 for me on that list, Uncharted second.

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I agree on the open world front. I put in 66 hours for Dragon Age a couple of months back and that felt too time consuming for where this old man is in his life now and where his priorities lay.

Got around half way through Far Cry 4, then just had to stop. Again, taking too much time.

As far as open world games go, titles like inFamous or Watch Dogs are appealing to me more these days where I don't have to sink Skyrim level time into them.

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and you can count me in it.

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Full price! As I did and I don't regret it.

These debates about length are ridiculous. The game clocks in at 7 hours or so. I've already started replaying it on harder difficulties after beating it once this weekend.

I love the story, the setting, tone and overall looks.

The game caters to my play preferences. I like third-person shooters. I've enjoyed critically mauled ones that feature cover (The Order) and no-cover (Red Facti...

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Just beat The Order tonight. Great game, really enjoyed it. Does not deserve the hate it's taking. As others have mentioned, very similar to what the first Uncharted game got as a reception from some back in 07'. I'd say it's more comparable to Heavenly Sword personally.

Length is not the issue here and the pacing is just dame fine. I think it's just a victim of the hype train. The standards it sets for presentation are unreal. The gameplay is solid, but b...

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Just going to throw this out there...playing through it now (bought early Sat)...and not thinking it's a 65 metacritic score. MUCH BETTER than that.

Sad that it got overhyped and received with some general sense of negativity. [email protected] doesn't deserve all of it.

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who are you referring to by chance remixx, seeing as though my post history suggests that I am still going to pick this game up at a later point in time when the price goes down >.>

Owner of all three consoles here bud. Good comments by Curtis and StanLee though. Agreed, creative fire seems to be gone this gen :(

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Sony fannies over-hyped a damage-control ridden game. This is to be expected. If expectations for this were kept just a little lower (and by little I mean A LOT), the hype train may not have crippled this game as much as it evidently has.

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We all saw this coming. Sony fannies over-hyped a game drowning in damage control. Not a smart approach.

That said, what I have seen from all of these reviews is a game that looks great and plays competently. It suffers from pacing and last-gen feel. Is it worth a full purchase price? No. Is it worth a bargain-bin purchase a year or two down the road. Probably, yes.

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This one hurts.

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Another day, another 20+ The Order 1886 articles posted on N4G.

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Very true that there are already enough games to go around :)

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Here's a comparison I think is fair: Heavenly Sword. I loved the hell out of that game, but it only took around 5-6 hours to beat. There was some replayability...not a whole lot as the extra content was easy to obtain.

So here's a timeline for all of you: I picked up and beat the game quickly at launch in Sept 2007. Finished casually picking up the collectables by the end of Oct that year. Picked the game out of my gaming shelf in 2010 after being disappointed by FFXI...

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