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Would it be ungallant to hope that Rare might make a Sea of Thieves adventure platformer?

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It's the least imaginative David Cage game I've seen, for sure. Heavy Rain was basically The Cell but had many ways to kill off several playable characters. Beyond Two Souls whilst being more linear, felt like it at least transcended genres and had amazing Hollywood talent. Detroit: Beyond Human has no famous faces, fewer killable playable characters, and feels very much like a mainstream 'game' rather than a particularly quirky experience. It's Bladerunner. Based on the d...

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I think that Remedy should make a multiplayer only game based on the Quantum Break engine. No need to take many years to make it.

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People, leave Jinger alone. If all comments were only supposed to show unconditional praise for a video then it'd be an echo chamber and we'd never progress. You might think that they're being egotistical but they've explained their reasoning and they're valid as one of many litmus tests for how popular a game might be. It's nothing compared to the kinds of fools who say 'first' on any video. That said, I am personally very, very, interested in Dreams indeed. ...

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Darklink28, are you meaning that there are no system seller console exclusives on the Xbox? Because that's wrong.

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Because Xbox also has some great exclusives, they just tend to be more 'arcadey', even the story driven ones. That's because Xbox is regarded as a successor to Dreamcast. Xbox at its best is the greatest balance between innocent fun and adult irreverence e.g. Sunset Overdrive, Cuphead. It's what distinguishes Xbox. Sony does story, Nintendo does franchise platformers.

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But stuff like Eternal Darkness was known to be in the pipeline, not least because it was originally going to be on the N64, as were Starfox Adventures (as Dinosaur Planet) and Resident Evil Zero going to be. There's less epic stuff that we know to be in the pipeline with Switch. But, then, I don't really like Splatoon. Looks quite nice, I don't enjoy actually playing it. I find the number of downvotes from people to be meanspirited given that my posts have contained caveats and s...

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No- I'm comparing it to 7 months of first party or exclusive games on Gamecube which, even going 7 months from the Japanese release date of September 2001 rather than the European (where I am) release date of 3 May 2002 (the only console I've ever bought on launch date as the price was so good), includes:
Super Monkey Ball
Wave Race : Blue Storm
Luigi's Mansion
Super Smash Bros Melee
Resident Evil (aka REmake)

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It has games but doesn't have a great amount of Nintendo games. It's a far cry from the large number of titles that they released on Gamecube. A Gamecube / WiiU combination is the greatest in terms of appealing to every taste that a 'gamer' might have. But if it means that there are fewer Nintendo games but the ones that are released are huge and polished, as Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey suggest, then it's understandble. But they could still fill in the gaps...

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The Switch is a fancy souped up WIiU that utilises its huge name in handhelds, which will also help it in Japan. I hoped that the Switch would see a return to Gamecube levels of variety of exclusive games. I don't see any evidence of that happening. As the Hudsucker Proxy said, Nintendo remain mostly content to be 'You know, for kids' and the kids at heart. They expand a small handful of their core games to incorporate aspects of what Sony and Microsoft consoles offer but everythi...

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Whilst not having a gun for a while could be interesting in terms of using stealth (setpieces could also be triggered where, for instance, a falling bridge kills enemies), if it meant brawling that is not a long lasting pleasure to me. Whilst dancing doesn't in itself sound compelling (makes it sound luike a Kinect game), trying to steal a treasure from under the noses of other people does sound a great idea for a small section of the game. It's something that could have been done at ...

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Jet Set Radio Future 2. But make it for PS4 and Switch too because Xbox sales of quirky games have never been able to be relied on to be high enough.

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I disagree with the article. Given that a game that can only be played on Xbox One and PC is a 'console exclusive', the most important thing to Xbox gamers is to make those console exclusives be of gaming PC quality so that you don't have to buy a gaming PC to get the best experience.

Xbox's future is a PC in a box.

Microsoft tried to make AAA quirky exclusives and most people just bought multiformat games. More quirky games should come o...

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I'd like to see something different from Hitman now. The Paris level in particular was very well balanced. How about a Clue-like game where everyone is trapped in a situation. A cruise ship 'Murder Mystery' party with distraction as to whether or not a murder is a real one. All far out at sea away from help.

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Rime looks a bit like Zelda meets Team Ico meets The Witness. If The Last Guardian hadn't been released I daresay it might have been more important to everyone to try to keep Rime as an exclusive. Now owners of all 3 major consoles will be able to play it. Xbox One in particular will have had nothing quite like this before and Switch needs games.

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Gun fights in UC4 require easy / normal mode or stealth to be sure of surviving. Either way, they do not make you feel heroic and that is why I am sorry to say UC4 has less satisfying gun fights than UC1 and UC2 although I'll be kind and pretend that they're better than 3's after its patches. No, I can't pretend - UC4 just gangs up on you en masse.

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Are you dense? You followed up a post in which you trolled anyone who dared to like Quantum Break's visual or gameplay style the most , with examples of the kinds of one dimensional quotes that you must know very few Remedy fans have displayed in comparison to the Sony fanboy extremities with 'do you know what an attack is?'

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I feel that Nintendo will rely on WiiU downloads that they can sell so no BC. They're going to PS4 their strategy.

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Very bad example. The legendary Quake Arena 3 is multiplayer only and superb to this day. I'd take it over just about any single player game except Half Life 2.

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