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The only thing that pissed me off were the fucking "jokes" every damn time, apart from that, it was a good show.

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I don't really care if this will or not beat GT5 because I don't like race sim games... but the trailer was cool.

I think the only problem with GT5 (and Alan Wake) was the long time of development, it made people expect a game that would blow them away to another universe. Didn't happened but GT5 still's a great game, just like Alan Wake.

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I knew right from the start of the trailer, Naughty Dog is really outstanding.

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Interesting list. I wonder how a horror game will run on Kinect.

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Make us whole again.

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When Prototype was first announced I couldn't be more hyped about the idea of being a real badass and causing so much chaos on a city. But after the release I was extremely disappointed. The idea of the game is extremely good, but the developers didn't executed it so well.

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Neither Red Dead Redemption, imo the truly GOTY contestants this year are ME2, GoW3 and Heavy Rain.

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I'm almost dropping RDR, I do not know why, but RDR did not captivate me like the other games from Rockstar.

GoW3 was good, but ME2 was perfect.

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It doesn't have nothing to do with what it's already in game, the fact is the you will pay full price for an incomplete game, and that's so wrong.

I support DLC, but only in case of something that is not already in the game from the beggining. I mean, if the game is already out, and some months later the developers decide that they could add something more on the game to provide a better experience, then I would buy it.

Crapcom is blocking the acc...

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Estimates are never solid, hence can not be taken seriously.

And that's it for today.

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I'm sick of this DLC shit, fuck you Crapcom.

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Can't understand why this game is so hyped, it's just more of the same.

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I think it's not a bad game, but doesn't have anything new. It's just more of the same... in HD.

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Good review. I confess I was a little skeptical about Kinect, but for my surprise it have exceeded my expectations, and that's good because Move have now some competition.

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Actually Kinect seems rather good, but right now it's too casual for me.

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Never played Fable, but this sequence seems pretty good, hopefully it will come out on PC too.

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Misleading title, but well, what do we expect from a butthurt retarded fanboy of Xbox.

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Rebellion? Thanks, but no.

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10 Xbots disagrees.

Shadow of the Colossus was the most touching game I've ever played, It Was Truly an unique experience. Manly tears.

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