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Yep. I'm sure Tomb Raider will be fine, but come on.

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Same here. I would have preferred that over either of the PS+ entries for July, personally.

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Agreed. As a PS-only guy, I'm very happy that Microsoft is upping its game here.

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Loving my PS4, but those prices are ridiculous. Come on.

Edit: LOL at "nail in the coffin." Sony is pretty much owning this generation so far.

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I think Microsoft deserves credit for recognizing that it made a huge error with Kinect and for changing course instead of doubling-down on their mistake. I've always been critical of Kinect, and I'm happy to see that the motion control fad is finally coming to an end.

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Agreed 100% on Cole. inFamous 2 had better gameplay than SS, but Delsin is a vastly better character than Cole was. I'll go so far as to say that Cole was probably the least likeable main character I've ever encountered in a video game.

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The MP is actually pretty good. The SP is all-world and the MP doesn't live up to that standard, but it's solid in its own right.

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Anybody who's disappointed with 10 cars / 5 tracks had stupidly unrealistic expectations to begin with. Sony was never going to give you a full, brand-new AAA title for free. Come on.

I'm looking forward to playing this. Depending on how the free stuff turns out, I may buy the full version.

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The PS4 is obviously going to "win" this generation, but the xbone is still selling pretty well. Just not as well as its competitor. It's not like we're talking Wii-U numbers here.

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One group expects next-gen performance from their next-gen console. The other group is . . . what? Willing to settle for less?

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If the author really doesn't care about specs and just cares about games, then he should stick with the PS2. That console has an incredible library. Sure, the hardware is "outdated," but since he doesn't care, that's no big deal.

On the other hand, people who buy new consoles tend to do so because they care about better graphics and performances. Not that those are the end-all be-all of your gaming experience of course, but they matter to those consum...

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Agreed. I liked the MP, but one of those 12-week things was enough.

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If the xbone didn't outsell the PS4 in NA in March, it never will.

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I platinumed this on the PS3, and I'll happily pay $60 for the PS4 version. I fully expect to get a second plat off of this.

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I skipped the PS3 version because I figured this would be out for PS4 by March at the latest. And now here we are without even a release date yet . . .

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This sucks because Battlefield is my favorite FPS franchise by far. Too bad it's handled by a uniquely bad pair of developers (DICE) and publishers (EA). Nearly half a year later and the game is still semi-broken.

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Competition is good for all of us. As a PS4 owner, I hope Microsoft makes some dramatic improvements with Games With Gold. It can't hurt us Playstation guys and can only help.

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What happens to Titanfall when your Live subscription runs out?

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Is Titanfall a "rental?" If not, please explain why it's different from a PS+ title.

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The "worst received" part is kind of silly. To be honest, the first one was overrated -- it was fine, but inFamous 2 was better in every possible respect. And Second Son is my favorite entry in the franchise.

I'm just glad to see that it's selling well. Good for Sucker Punch.

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