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Didn't even realise you could do that. Just looked up how to do it. That's awesome.

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If you've complete the objectives and you die, doesn't it just throw you back near the start of the level and give you the option to go back and get your stuff? You'd still keep any key items.
Also look for anything flammable, you can take out quite a few with an explosion. Or something like a noisey toy you can throw to attract them.

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Is £150,000,000 revenue for a niche product in the first month a flop?

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Hopefully a lovely bonus to come.

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100%. Not sure if RE8 is going to be too much for me or not. Got through the VR demo no problem, but having played the non-VR version I'm well aware there's going to be some horrendous moments in the full game. Loving Saints and Sinners chapter 1 at the moment.

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Definitely recommend picking it up at some point. Particularly great fun if you like beating your best times etc. I seem to be able to constantly beat my best times as I'm always getting quicker with a bit extra practice.

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Why do people keep going on about the lack of games? It's only just released.
Price isn't a problem. It's great value compared to other high end headsets.
If you're into games like GT7, RE8, and No Man's Sky there's three amazing experiences there that you can put hundreds of hours into alone.
For the rest of the games the value prospect differs massively depending if you have another headset like a Quest. I don't have one so I'm happ...

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Really good show of the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers as well.

Some of the times people put up seem ridiculous, but then you start getting better and unlocking new weapons and they feel in reach. Also just learnt that holding the pistol with two hands is very helpful for accuracy.

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I'm going to be spending many hours on this. It's a lot of fun and very addictive going back over the same levels trying to beat your times.

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Weird title. No need to double down that they dislike Call of the Mountain when talking about a completely separate game.

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Zombieland has had major changes apparently. I have it on PSVR2 and it's superb, but never played the Quest 2 version.

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Stops the scalpers.

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Was similar for me in the UK. Email about 10:30 in the morning saying dispatched and I would get it the next day. then arrived at 3 in the afternoon. Meant my day at work didn't drag so much.

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You don't have to grind at all for the story. No glitches at all when I played, but it was the PS5 version.

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You'll be waiting a long time for 250-300.

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Yeah I'm not a fan of the 22-28th window! Hopefully they're just covering themselves.

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The Godskin Duo is a great fight

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I see where you're coming from. A little different using it to promote their own new product in an important presentation and say about exclusive RTX than someone paying for a Youtube Ad. They've also said it can be streamed on Geforce Now, which suggests they've got hold of a build (not confirms though).

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Nvidia used it in their presentation for the 4080 didn't they? I doubt it's a scam.

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They did when there was a shortage of the first one. Don't think there will be that issue here though.

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