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Playstation has a track record that speaks for itself. Ps4 didn't need a killer lineup at launch because people knew sony will bring the games.

With xbox though there is so much inconsistency. There first console got discontinued after just selling 25mil, their second was suffering under rrod and later und lack of variety of exclusives and x1 already started with those anti consumer stuff and later lost all identity by losing all exclusives to pc...

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JesterThe Molester74 will celebrate this one! But having the option is good though

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"About the vision for 2018, Layden believes that “humbly” PlayStation 4 will continue its “dominance of the gaming market"

Well there are some voices who believe/ believed that somehow, due to x1x release, xbox will suddenly dominate the market and there were some who believe/ believed switch will take over. So is humbly stating that he doesn't believe that will happen instead of showing a cocky "we are dominating and nothing can beat us attitude" w...

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There is a different between humbly talking about their product dominating the market and being digustingly cocky about it like microd!cks would be in the same position.

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Ah come on don't be so harsh. It wasn't great in any way but if you never have seen such a trash conference you haven't seen any of the direct competitions conferences.

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Lol sure they shouldn't be allowed to decide themself on which platforms they release their games and with who they make business contracts with.

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This is why i wouldn't buy a device which focus is on playing 3rd party games because these games are becoming worse and worse thanks to these greedy big publishers who account for the often cited 90% of available games are trying to squeeze the last penny out of us gamers. I it will only get worse.

In most cases i will just let the majority buy these games, i rather stick with the showcases which are there lure gamers to a specific platform. They mostly are quality ex...

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Wtf I didn't get your message but reading it, it sounded hilarious lol.🤔

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But releasing it on pc takes away any purpose for buying an x1, especially with that low spec games ms releases these days which can be played on any potato office pc.

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"Damn, I must be loosing it."

no worry you are not alone. I also can't believe what i'm witnessing here on a daily basis. Reading n4g comments feels like you get sucked into bizarro world or the twilight zone
and it reached insane levels of wackiness since the day scorpio got revealed. So much denial, delusion and deception.Or it's Maybe it's just because im getting old (31 years) and these ludicrous views are a...

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Highly unlikely that sony pushes the game back for the sake of competing with the other two. They usually take a step back and let third parties and marketing deals do the work during that period.

That doesn't mean it could not be delayed due to developement issues. But i really really do hope that won't be the case.

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As if it is too much to bare to turn on a computer, start a game, use a controller and play on tv after a working day sitting on a pc. Then turning on a console , starting a game, using the controller to play on your tv should also be to difficult

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Sony stated 1 in 5 ps4's sold are pros. Still better info than giving nothing and people atleast can estimate how much it really is. Would be enough if ms gave x1s and x1x sales lumped together (like sony does it) but they won't even do that ;-)
At atleast we can read from time to time that x1 sales are strong and x1x reception is incredible.

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I won't even out. That would mean that sony had to stop all devlopement on their game for ms to even it out.

And ofcourse we have to wait if this "massive investment" really gives birth to a load of quality games.

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If you are into shooters and racers and want the best versions of multiplats, you should game on pc,............ I know but but what if you don"t like pc? but some want the best possible version of multiplats on console since microsoft announced x1x lol

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Yeah there is no better indication of how good a console performs and therefore how well supported it will be in future, than knowing how many times users pushed the analog stick to the left side, on thursdays between 1:00am and 2:00am.

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😢 <----kun

@ videogamelab
Best lineup ever, lol. Good one .

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If we all had to chose or usernames based on actual attributes or facts in general (like i did btw), i would guess you had to exchange the "foot" in yours for "inch" to fit reality^^

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Hahahah! Damn maybelovehate, you really have spencer's xbone shoved deep into your power plug.

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I would be mad at my wife for wasting that much money for useless items^^

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