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This game has me hyped to get a PS4. I love From Software, this game looks soo good.

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I think Sony won based on the quality of games shown, not quantity. Plus they had the Only major AAA from a first party that actually showed the in game engine (uncharted), which blew me away.

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Not sure why some people think Naughty Dog would all of the sudden decide to start using CGI now, after all these years of using in game models for cut scenes... C'mon now.

Cut scenes similar to that in UC2 and 3 will cut right into gameplay, and look almost exactly the same as the cut scene. They always use in game models.

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I am not one to usually be dramatic about things but this is absolutely the best visuals I have ever seen for a game, PC or console. And I know Naughty Dog delivers with gameplay.

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Good show from Microsoft. Fable legends looks awesome, the indie focus was cool, and Crackdown 3 looks really fun. Not bad at all. I have never played a Halo game, that remaster set has me tempted.

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Fable Legends looks good!

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I think that's a parody account...

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If it doesn't show up at E3 it will be the last time I give a crap about it...

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And also out of the three, Sony is the only one with nothing negative to say about their gaming division. So people resort to taking pot shots at the companies overall financials.

I personally think that it was the best thing that could have ever happened to Sony, they needed a restructuring desperately. They are looking to profit from it after the next wave of losses due to a horrid PC business etc..

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Infamous did have a lot of "dynamic lighting" and also baked, like many other games.

Infamous is actually the most technically advanced console game to date, read digital foundry's write up on it. It's actually kind of amazing.

PS4 does have an advantage in hardware with the GPU's rops and some other gpu features. But at the end of the day people buy consoles because the games are FUN.

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VR is going to be fun. Can't wait to see what major releases will be like for this and Oculus.

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Awww snap, looks fantastic! I want this.

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Exact same thing can be said of a lot of Xbox fans on here, if not more so. From what I have seen.

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It will be cool to see what he thinks about it. I think it sounds like it would be fun.

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It honestly doesn't matter to me in the slightest, I have always just liked Nintendo and Sony. And the PS4 looks like it would be more my cup of tea this gen. To each their own.

They are all just here to entertain us, that is why you pay them, they are not paying you to sing their praises online (I hope). I assume most people wage this "war" just to justify their purchase over the other system...

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For me Sony always has the best shows, and the best games. Nintendo could come out and make a huge splash too this year I think...

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It is paramount to own the major IP's that drive your system. That is why them owning the Gears of War IP is so huge. I am really hyped for E3, it's going to be a huge show for each company.

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