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It probably works a lot better on Pro or PS5 at 60fps, but I found some of the enemy cues to be ridiculously short at 30fps, even when I knew an attack was coming I could barely react in time. Lethal kinda detracts from the stance system too as parrying becomes super useful when pretty much every enemy dies in 2 to 3 hits. A good alternative is available in new game plus if you buy the cursed charm that kills Jin in one hit. That way you can play on normal or hard, the stance system is still ...

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He didn't say port, he said old releases. And you can relax, I'm just poking fun. Demon's Souls is an excellent game, I know this because I played it 7 years ago.

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How's Demon's Souls so far?

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I can understand thinking Ghost of Tsushima is superior to Nioh 2 if you have never played Nioh 2 and I guarantee you 90% of the people downvoting you now have never played Nioh 2.

Nominating Ghost of Tsushima for game of the year is like nominating that Mad Max game from a few years back for game of the year, a decent but utterly unremarkable open world game game that no one will be talking about 5 years from now. But you can't say that because this is N4g and it'...

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I've played every Soulsborne game, you don't need to explain the appeal of the series to me. I've also played Pathologic 2, a far more grueling experience than any Souls game, and one that received a patch enabling the player to customize the difficulty -- that includes making the game more difficult if they choose. Before you toggle these customization options, Pathologic 2 warns you that you're not going to get the experience the devs intended. Nobody complained that they ru...

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A Metal Gear Rex soundfile is fine, but an easy mode? No, that ruins the spirit of the original game....

They didn't add an easy mode because they knew the fans would lose their shit. I don't believe an easy mode would ruin the spirit of From's games at all, I would simply choose not to use it, but it's up to them to implement one if that's what they want. Bluepoint adding an easy mode to game that's not their own work, and one that's known for ...

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I can't believe it took this long. I know I'm not the only one who mashes x during those things even though I know it does nothing to speed it up.

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Comments saying this is some sort of attack, people reporting the article, if you said a couple of months ago that Miles Morales was a shorter Lost Legacy game you would have been downvoted into oblivion, great to see the pathetic console wars have started again. Grow the fuck up. Lost Legacy is better than Uncharted 4 anyway, you get the gorgeous visuals and great-feeling combat without the ludicrous amount of slow walking sections. I'm sure anyone who has 100% completed Spiderman on PS4...

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The game is pretty much universally praised as one of the best 2D platformers ever made. In my opinion, it's in the top 5 for sure. It's got one of the most complex movesets of any 2D platformer I've ever played so no, a 12 year old wouldn't be able to "slap it together". I don't believe this update on Madeline's gender was necessary -- pretty sure a lot of people already found the character relatable regardless of their gender, but the game is still brillian...

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It's probably the best Wii U game and now it has added 2 player coop through the whole story, additional story chapters and a difficulty modifier as well as all the original DLC. Not huge changes by any means, but worth pointing out as a counter to all the people who are going to complain about how Nintendo gets away with murder charging full price for a 7 year old game. On a completely unrelated note, I wonder how much Rockstar is gonna charge for GTAV (a 7 year old game) when it comes t...

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A lot of games are overlong these days and you can see why from the comments.. People have this perception that a longer game has more value, but I don't really remember the last time I played an epic single player story that justified its length. You could cut several hours from Red Dead 2 or The Last of Us 2 and have a tighter story overall. Then you have something like MGSV which took around 5 hours worth of unique content and copy-pasted it across 50 hours.

I played...

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I love all the accessibility options, love being able to disable the motion blur, adjust the field of view, pull the camera back from the character, even create a custom difficulty -- they did and amazing job. BUT, I do feel that this game is significantly easier than the first and I played through on survivor. I do wonder if the push for accessibility had anything to do with that. The combat is so visceral and intense but it's undermined by enemies who are too quick to forget all about y...

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Honestly, some of the positive comments being posted here are just as silly as the negative ones being posted everywhere else on the internet. It's a good game, it's flawed, it's not a masterpiece and we shouldn't be looking at sales as an indicator of quality. I'm glad it sold well mostly just because it will shut the "Go woke, go broke" crowd up for a while at least but I'm not gonna overlook the poor pacing and instances of bad writing just because it sold...

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Yeah, you're right, Tommy actually introduced himself and Joel to that particular character in the previous shootout scene so it wasn't even necessary for Joel to introduce himself to the group. I think the scene would have played better if Joel was visibly anxious and reluctant to stay, while Tommy -- after years of living more comfortably than most -- is more trusting. But do you really believe the game deserves a zero because of that scene? There are is...

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Remake's combat can be a frustrating mess thanks to the piss-poor AI and constant character switching. Xenoblade's combat gives you zero control over companions and too often feels like the combat boils down to break, hope that the AI does topple, then daze, chain attack. Has everyone just forgotten that Final Fantasy 12 was a thing? Even just a simplified version of the gambits system would improve both games drastically.

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What would you say is the most innovative thing about Final Fantasy 7 Remake?

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Five people actually upvoted this comment.

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There was some leak or something a little while ago that said there would be an indie showcase this week and a proper direct next week or at least before the end of March. Seems like that might be the case.

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It is but I got the impression there was little to no hype behind it. Saw very few people talking about it online, I didn't even know it was a PS4 exclusive until I tried to look at Steam reviews for it yesterday! This is a nice surprise, hopefully it continues to sell well.

Edit: "didn't need to sell a lot of copies to reach No.1 in what is a very quiet time for the physical games market. The title's boxed sales are actually 63% lower than the original&qu...

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