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Obviously, you are not looking at the facts about Stadia and WHY people are disinterested in it and voicing their concerns because we care about the industry.

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Much better actor. Good job Kojima.

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So Epic couldn't find any game to rip off recently so they decided to completely ripoff Pacific Rim/Power Rangers? God Fortnite never stops proving how shitty it truly is.

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GoT is most likely a next-gen game. TLOUp2 will probably get a release at PSX.

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La Hee is indeed the greatest song.

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The articles don't need to kill the Stadia. The thing is doing a fine enough job killing itself. If you want to stick your fingers in your ears and yell "lalala" instead of reading the facts then that is your problem when you buy the "console killing glory of Stadia" and you are disappointed don't go crying on internet forums. It's like dating someone with the red flags are clear and present and all your friends and telling you not too. The fault lies with you ...

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Yeah, I very clearly remember when Sony confidently announced 3G on Vita the entire crowd booed since you needed a cellphone contract.

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A Link Between Worlds, Majora's Mask, and Ocarina of Time would be a few welcome and a nice way to occupy some time before BOTW2

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Having a character smoke isn't glamorizing it. This game also shouldn't be played by the people you don't want to risk "glamorizing" smoking. It's an M rated video game is a ton of violence that is way worse than a small cigarette or cigar.

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Yup, an audience that is going to be largely uninformed parents looking for a cheaper option but having to return it because their kid wanted a real Switch with all the features that they have been advertising for years.

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Yeah, Switch Lite was not a good choice.

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Yeah until people buy it and complain it can't connect to the TV either because they were uninformed parents trying to buy the cheaper option and have an upset kid or the small group pro-switch lite people who can't comprehend that this is ripping out half the features of the Switch and will complain because features are missing. A handheld only model should have just been the Switch without the Dock, not a feature lacking cheap looking thing.

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Oh no!

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I've had mine since day 1 and this has never been an issue. Sounds like a mishandling issue just like when people were being rough with the switch going in and out of the dock so they got their screen scratched.

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It's not, horrible mess.

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Still dull boring untouched 10+-year-old gameplay, same dull zero plot story (minus blops 4), still garbage sheep blindly defending the trash but complaining every year because it's bad.

Sounds like Activision beating a dead horse to me, keyword being DEAD. Sorry COD kid, your mom is yelling for you in the next room.

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The episodic release schedule had me from hyped about a horror game from the Until Dawn devs to very disappointed.

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Well, the checks from Activision haven't rolled in for all the 10/10s on the copy/paste series so they can talk openly about this dead series. November though, it's going to be as if this was delivered by Jesus himself.

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They haven't shown anything to be really excited about. I hope it turns out great but right now it looks like a watered down Force Unleashed.

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