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Sony themselves have acknowledged that they would not give up on VR despite the product still being niche but it will take a while before we see something new on that front.

For my part my favorites PSVR games are
1) Resident Evil 7 (the reason I bought PSVR in the 1st place)

2) Wip...

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I have to agree that this is a pleasant surprise
It's sad that this game is barely recognized because it's the Star wars arcade remake that ppl always dreamed about
(and playing on VR is just that great)

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I would agree with what Phil is saying regarding the console space but if I follow Phil's logic it means that the Xbox store should keep the 30% fee like the Ps5 store due to the lower number of console available in the generation. So what about Windows Store on PC then?
If I follow the logic said about phone I'm pretty sure that the number of device running windows 10 are quite high so how come MS don't follow suit there?

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1) Yes a store usually need investments at the start and investor hope to recoup and make money at later stage when cost for maintaining is reduced it's call a risk. If it was your store would you suddenly cut in your profit when you are making money because your initial investment are paying off?

2) There is room for some trimming of profits to save gamers from having to go from $60 to $70 games.
Are you directly paying the 30% fee? reducing the 30% fee would ...

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"Some of these differences could be down to bugs, but I’ve been speaking to developers (who wish to remain anonymous) about the Xbox Series X development environment and it’s clear things are a little complicated.

Microsoft only allowed developers to submit games for Xbox Series X certification in June, after delivering an update to its Game Developers Kit (GDK). That followed the company’s rather tight schedule for dev kit allocations, all while I’ve been consistently...

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Color me one the few but I found the game ok but nothing major or spectacular.
Like I hate the fact that you can't restart a game from the beginning (or if the case, only when you have completed it).
The story is pretty average and I have yet to remember a defining mission or side mission.
Actually what I remember the most about this game are the respawn animation that made me laugh (The phone booth and the TMNT drill).

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The things that pissed me the most about Quantum Break is on how the media already had their opinion about trashing the game instead of reviewing it.
The worst offender was Peter North from Gamespot that basically trash the game
then proceed to praise Control as one of the best game.
The funny thing was that the same flaws he saw in QB became great strengths in Control.
( The broken fighting mechanics became great, collecting stuff now fun, the arena fight ...

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The critics decided that it was thrash the moment they saw the game.
" Another generic white male protagonist"
" Do we need another Zombie game"
" Another open world game set in a apocalyptic era"

I remember saying multiple times before the reviews that the game would score an average 6-7 because the media already decided that it was trash in a similar way to Quantum Break.

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I'm just wondering what's the point of his opinion piece?
If I buy a product with a poison logo and drink the product. Should I make a piece about how you should not drink the product?

Honestly, How many time have I read Spencer saying that the Xbox serie X was like PC where you can upgrade your rigs to play games at higher quality and it was made for ppl who wanted the best Xbox experience and the guy is mad because he doesn't have the next gen titl? ...

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I would expect the same to happen everywhere
Sony like Nintendo has a devoted fan base Just like how everybody love Kojima in the gaming industry.
Sony know how to create hype and how to market a product.
So it's just logical that PPL would vote for something they know and love in contrast to a game like Hades.

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Like I said to above poster
"There is a performance dip on PS5 in RT mode, but this appears to be a bug as a checkpoint restart can improve matters (but not always!). Here's a vid showing that:"
If I need to restart the checkpoint to clear the memory then the problem is still present because I doubt that you will restart your game when you play it to experience the game with 60 frames steady instead of just accepting the issue (which I repeat is nitpicking in m...

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There is a performance dip on PS5 in RT mode, but this appears to be a bug as a checkpoint restart can improve matters (but not always!). Here's a vid showing that:

So I need to restart the checkpoint to remove the problem?????
How does that fix the issue in the 1st place?
Will you restart every time to get the stable frame rate of the serie X?

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1) The Golden Joystick Awards, also known as the People's Gaming Awards, is a video game award ceremony; it awards the best video games of the year, as voted for originally by the British general public,
So basically fan get to votes
So you can expect the number # 1 anticipated game to win at the end of the year
Heck, the best PC game is Deathstranding shows how serious it can be lol (I would expect Horizon Zero Dawn to be #2).

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"The Golden Joystick Awards, also known as the People's Gaming Awards, is a video game award ceremony; it awards the best video games of the year, as voted for originally by the British general public,"
Are we surprised by the winners?

The equivalent in movies would mean that Disney would be guaranteed to win with a Marvel movie
it would win automatically best visual, best story, best FX, best studio, and ultimate movie of the year.

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I'll take the info from the video linked in the article and not the "others"
But if you do have a link with DF stating it's a bug then plz share it with us.

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The sad part about Games with gold's offering is that Epic is giving away more interesting, more recent games and more games for free per month.

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From the article
"We can look at Series S and Series X, even the enunciation of S and X isn’t the easiest to differentiate. For most consumers, they walk in and one’s $500 and one’s $300. That’s the difference. Not to make everything about the iPhone, but if you asked me to explain the iPhone lineup, I can’t really do it, but when I walk in the store, it’s pretty clear. One’s big, one’s not, one’s $1,000, one’s $800, whatever."

I think he's saying tha...

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I think that ppl are grasping straw at this point, the only things that I find funny (and again it's nitpicking) are how a game like Assassin's Creed is performing better on PS5 while marketed for Serie X and how COD perform better on Serie X while marketed for PS5.

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Like I said I really hope so because I love these kinds of features.
But again, Forza Horizon has been using Impulse trigger since Forza 5 and despite working perfectly it's never been a draw for the game and do you recall a review saying that it's a wonderful feeling to sense the type of road you are riding on? or how incredible it feels to sense the direction of the power slide in your hands? or the effect of the brakes?

Actually, go search Impulse trigge...

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If you read the article you will note that they are talking about Astro's Playroom 2020 and not the DS4 or the PSVR demo disk.

"Astro's Playroom is both a surprising and charming hit that compliments the PS5 in so many ways. It also went a long way toward setting up Astro Bot as a brand-recognizable mascot character that could stand up against the likes of Nathan Drake, Kratos, and Aloy, given Sony puts in the time and effort from here on out. The loveable Astr...

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