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smoke patch!! and it turns to be alot better then fifa

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no ofense but get the facts straight, comparing Pcars to gt5 is actually a CRIME. I play the God dam game every day and i can assure you after the HUGE disapointment that was gt5, patched a million times, passed to spec2, spec 1billion! It doesnot have any thing to do with
project cars will have all the features a car game will because when i access debug menu i can clearly see the options and we have multiple body kits, parts, tweaks, ets of course blocked on pre ...

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i´ll buy it day one as all ps4 fans outthere, power is everything i believe!!

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well, if a alfa demo to you gets an 8......prepare yourself to give a 10/10 to the final build if bugs and final tweaks are done right......
just my 2 cents

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chill japonic,
we need some gasoline commentshere time to time, N4G has become such a boring place nowadays......there come the sony minion army to defend their master. he just forgot to include Microsoft as well..... LOL

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dont Forget that the Gpu is the cost of a ps4. and pc/console debate is a phylosophy thing, i could say a easy to use vs a tweakable machine, custumizable system, whatever.
one thing im glad is that all consolemakers have bowed to PC supremacy and at the end of the day all we have is littke pcs on little boxes.
kids are happy, we are happy!!

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they were taken from a 600USD PC. is it mainstream to you?

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wmd portal will welcome you if youre a racing fan

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i do. and its amazing on ultra settings i can get easy 90 fps bt i lock on 60, much smoother!
on a 3d Panasonic neoplasma.
on consoles yopull get a forza 5 graphic level wich is médium settings on pc

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IGNORANT, most of SMS team made the glorious GTR/GT legends series, then they left simbin games, nfs shift,knowing EA as i know, was a great game, due to publisher contracts. this game is self funded by its comunity, me included and i am ready to participate on the next project because they really take their time to make things as they ment to be.

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pcars on LOW settings is already better than anything you played

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yutube, type project cars or pcars.

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pCARS renders every piece of the car. if you loose your hood, trunk, or whatever piece youll see everything moving inside.EVERYTHING!!

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are you serious?
CALL OF DUTY GHOSTS? 1080p vs 720p?

I HEARD LOTS OF INSULTS ON N4G and i own an xboxONE and proud of it.


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What an ass comment !!
I play The pré alpha builds every month. Not beta as some think of and they allready smoke any racing simulation outthere. In all départements. You can compare forza or gt series to pCars. Not driveclub please. Its à différent league. Game will blow everyone. If they achieve The 60fps on consoles you wont have any argument left.

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@kingtrsh 369
i can smell envy milles away. you waited this long to come here trash a game that you probably wont play, and, if you do will be on a MSFT platform and even if you do on PC youre cashing a company that you TRASH.
remeber that PC technology allows for massive multiplayer with almost no limits, so its not a question of technology because on far inferior technology we saw MAG full of bugs and stupidly unstable, but claiming 128 players.
wash day tomorrow, n...

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why did i read this...? "PC's are great, but everyone has different hardware which causes more bugs, and unfair advantages when playing online. Someone with a laggy machine vs a highend machine.. the highend will do better of course."
did anyone understood the meanning?
xbox and playstations may also perform good or bad, if you have a dsl vs a hi speed isp.

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funny comment of yours. Alienware launches 50 new superconsoles every year!!!

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