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"""" this is from an official GamesPress Press Release labeled "Bethesda.""&qu ot;"

lol. Seems like you crave for actual source which you don't have.

It is just a mod for FNV like any other.
It doesn't have anything to do with betsheda.

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most of nations don't cumulate sentences.

If he got 1 year for each felony and 2 years for something else he will get total 2 years.

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MS counted all consoles (broken and working) in their shipped numbers...

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Uhh are you retarded ?

Yennefer isn't Jennefer at all. IT is own name. Same as Geralt isn't Gerard.

Secondly Moors did invade Iberia penisula then they were slothered and removed from very same penisula. Black people didn't reach eastern europe until 1800+.

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Sapkowski has nothing to do with TW games aside from providing his books and some help for TW1.

He also doesn't like games nor other forms of his work and don't treat them as canon.

He is excellent written though

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They don't want to pay PS store cut

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980 120W is average where R9280 is maximum.
980 maximum is only like 20-30W different

Also R280 is rebranded 7970 which is like few years old at this point (along with it's tech)

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yeah they aped it from Path of Exile.

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problem is that AngryJoe is essentially gaming media.

Why IGN can use Nintendo material without their aproval, why they can do reviews without nintendo stamp ?

Because this is exatly the same reason.

Naturally there is also second problem. AngryJoe videos are FREE marketing for Nintendo. His videos directly sell games to people.

Nintendo simply is shitty company to not grasp it.

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DS1 was locked to 30 but DS2 is locked to 60.

60 is the intended version of the game from start. Last gen consoles just didn't have power to pull it off and reach 60fps.

PC version is the best version of the game both original and new edition.

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maybe she was tanned ? Because even in older games she didn't really look like black

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you should be happy if this will be 399$

their last headset was 1000$ and didn't have OLED nor positional tracking

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Heichachi dropped kazuya into volcano so Jin making comeback is entirely possible.

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there is no "if" game is flop and thursday will prove it in review scores.

Now how it will sell is entirely different matter.

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bullcrap. Game is 5 and half hour long and dude who played it was mediacore player and died few times, didn't skip anything nor he speedrun.

5,5 of game 4 hours of staring at pretty vistas would be true though.

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problem is that this game isn't simply good

it's 5 hour game with shitty ending and story that is cut in middle.

that is a problem for game that has 3 of 5 hours cutscenes and walking in corridors.

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its not the problem with game criticism but with game itself.

watched whole thing on youtube. IT is basically prologue to game that doesn't exist. IT feels like game was cut after chapter 2 and those 2 chapters where then devided by 16 chapters where some of them are literally 5 minutes long and contain absolutely no gameplay

The Order would be amazing game EVEN with 5 hours play time if story would be amazing like in TLOU. Problem is that it doesn't ...

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that is not speed run. Dude played normally and cutscenes are not skipable

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watched whole thing on youtube

yes it has. lockpick minigame (fuck this), autotargeting bullet time, and ton of QTE events that are sold as "mechanics"

guns are fun but problem is that you have like 1,5 hour at most to use them for whole game where rest is just cutscenes and walking corridors.

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amout of hours spent =/= game is good or those hours were awesome.

Look at Diablo 3. To get to real end game and play for a bit you need to spend at least 40-50 hours at minimum

I spend 350 hours on Skyrim and about 300 of that with requem mod which fixes vanilla game which is shit.

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