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MMM I think it is morally correct when it comes to playing legacy titles that don´t have an easy legal way to access. Want to play chrono trigger? Prepare for over 100 bucks for your snes copy. In that case I understand. In this case... no, you literally are saying to the 4 years of work by mercury steam to go fuck themselves and their families and their livelihoods. I know Nintendo can make scummy decisions like Skyward sword HD, but I do believe this case is different.

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The double dipping is a big F for ps5 owners

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The thing is... you can play with that level of graphics in 120fps, that is pretty next gen to me.

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I believe that games as entertainment should have an easy option.
I believe that games as an art form should only have one predetermined difficulty, so that the whole experience is fully designed around it, as well as a particular vision or premise.
By this logic, not every piece of art will be compatible with you.
The same thing as movies, some movies are entertainment and others can be considered art.

An avengers game, an uncharted game or dea...

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I think Yuji Naka can work as long as he isn´t the head of the project and he isn´t surrounded by yes men, because he can think interesting concepts, however once he has to make them a reality, they struggle.

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I think it´s going to be 20 for this one and another 20 for the DS ones, they pretty much have the same amount of content and they can test the waters with this one.

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Gameplay wise it looks like bayo, but style and art design wise... it lacks identity.

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The OGs are much more excited for Kraven than Venom.

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1.-Final fantasy 7 will be a multi-part release.
2.-Moon studios
4.-squid girl
7.-Life is strange
8.-Metal gear solid phantom pain
9.-Destiny: The taken king
10.-Majora´s mask 3d
11.-Fallout shelter
12.-Mark Hamill- The joker
13.-Ori and the blind forest
14.-Devil´s third
15.-Final fantasy XV
16.-Rise of the tomb raider

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Final fantasy XV

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