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They said today we won't be seeing KH3 or the remake for at least 3-4 years lol I'm done with Square Enix

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Yea way to not get my money Ubisoft keep politics out of video games!! Yea I'm talking to you Neil cuckman

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Yea way to not get my money Ubisoft keep politics out of video games!! Yea I'm talking to you Neal cuckman

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Borderlands 3
Final Fantasy 7 Remake
RDR2 (not likely)
A new fallout like new vegas or a elder scrolls... also not likely

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I'm hyped for the tranny DLC maybe a new gay joker skin.


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This website is horrible a mod banned me for stating that women aren't as powerful as men and how every movie and video game has a female lead now. This PC SJW shit needs to end.

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True, they are close I just know 4 isn't nearly as good as either IMO

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ZDH is the better game, Nintendo shouldn't get a pass with the tech they release in this current day. 900p sub 30 FPS that's a joke!

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Worst fallout yet. Obsidian made the best one

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Clearly this should be #1

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Pumped for this I'm gonna go out tonight and camp in the woods naked just to get ready.

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Do you ever see the amount of dislikes you get? Why bother speaking. Like in general you should stop talking people would be way more happy.

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Agree turned based would be amazing and non episodic too.

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Haha you're such a weird kid

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Lol mass affect almost as bad as that SJW game overwatch. Trump 2021

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