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But surely this will divide the market a'la PS4 pro? will-divide-the-market-cpu-boun d-games-will-still-struggle-for -better-performance

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You have to take into account the time the conferences went out. Microsofts was broadcast at 17:30 in the UK which means that the whole of the US and Europe could easily watch and comment on it. The Sony conference was broadcast at 01:30 ,so only easily viewable to the US.

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@naruga it's submitted by rashid sayed, a massive Xbox fanboy

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It's already started

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Hey, remember this ?

Could you please explain how the neo will "divide the market" yet the Scorpio won't do the same?

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Said no one ever

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@sircharles The so called processor unit for the psvr does two things. It recombines the images to allow it to output to a normal tv and it does some 3D audio processing. All image processing is done solely on the PS4.

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1440p is not 4K .
1920×1080 (FHD, Full HD, 2K 1080p)
2560×1440 (QHD, WQHD, Quad HD, 1440p)
3840×2160 (UHD, Ultra HD, 4K, 2160p)

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"Day One if true. I already said previously that mid level upgrade is the future of consoles and software will be made forward/backward compatible from now on and many people downvote me and said it is impossible and I don't know what I am talking about.

With the pretty much confirmed PS4 Neo, I guess I do know what I'm talking about. :)

It will be announced at E3 just like Sony and Nintendo will announced theirs. Day One for all 3 for me.&...

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The difference is SNOW is a new IP. Tomb Raider is an established franchise on all systems, mainly PS. That's why people were angry with the Tomb Raider exclusivity.

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Disagrees? Really? How many console games can manage 1080 p and 60 fps? A handful at best. A mid priced PC can do this easily . Oh and online play is free on PC, games are a lot cheaper and the modding community is huge. So many benefits for a little more money.

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You wouldn't need a massively powerful pc to run ant game made for Xbox one or ps4. You may have to spend a bit more than the price of a console but the benefits are immeasurable. Just access to Steams catalogue is worth the price.

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I'm pretty sure you can do that with a PC. It's how I play

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Who cares? Our Prime Minister fucked a pig in the face. #piggate. I know it's off topic but holy shit!

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Let's not forget that the xbox 360 had been out for 6 years and the ps3 5 years. Much larger user base.

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Don't forget that it's a predominantly Xbox / PC site. No wonder they ran with it.

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Another Xbox one owner not buying games for his imaginary PS4

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Read the Covered Services section again. It clearly states "Xbox and Windows games published by Microsoft."
So it's safe to assume anything published by Microsoft will be disabled if pirated.

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Why would this be a bad thing in the first place? If you truly supported the games industry you should be 100% behind this. PIRACY IS THEFT.

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The author needs to do more research, it clearly states in " Covered services"
Xbox and Windows Games published by Microsoft.
This will allow them to ban any pirated games published by Microsoft.

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