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Feels like all the big surprises have been leaked already but E3 predictions are fun so here's a couple I'd personally like to see.

Steam app for Xbox
Price cut for X1
KOTOR & II remake with TOR on xbox announcement
New first party announcement (Battletoads / Crimson Skies)

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Really disappointing seeing so much leaking from the xbox show. All this stuff with the slim model X1, DR4 etc. would have been great if announced without expectation. Really hoping Phil and the team have a couple of big surprises left in their bag of tricks.
Coming out swinging with both a slimmed down and competitively priced X1 for the entry level customer and a new premium model "Scorpio" for the hard core would certainly make many sit up and take notice.

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Waitaminute...are you telling me a video game can be available on a game console AND a PC??! AT THE SAME TIME!!!?


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Not if you consider windows 10 as the platform. Perhaps Microsoft simply needs to advertise software as windows 10 exclusive as the xbox one is a windows 10 device.

Either way, the game is unavailable on PS, Steam and Nintendo platforms.

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I'm still rocking a 360. Will probably look at upgrading to the X1 early next year.
And honestly, it's the backwards compatibility that's sealed the deal for me personally. So as far as I'm concerned, Phil is right on the money.

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I'm yet to upgrade to a current gen console. but the X1 will be my console of choice when I do.
It's getting very difficult to resist, especially with Halo 5 about to release.

Testing times indeed.

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I'd like to see Microsoft try to make the Kinect relevant again. I still think the tech is conceptually very impressive, and if used properly could usher in new and exciting gameplay elements.

I wonder if there's a chance of Halo Wars 2 having some sort of Kinect optional functionality? That could be interesting.

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I see what you did there.

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I'm not great at it either. Like you I'm in it for the campaign and the story.
But I still find the multiplayer a lot of fun.

PandemicPrawn0 just happy to make up the numbers!

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Totally agree with you there.
He's clearly someone with passion and energy to burn.
Someone really needs to challenge the status quo when it comes to console design and he's the type of guy that would push a design team to near breaking point to get the best out of them.
Phil working closely with Panos with support from Satya would be a very formidable team.

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I agree with FlexLuger.
I've only just started playing Destiny, Picked it up yesterday. And the controls felt immediately familiar to Halo's (far from a bad thing in my opinion)

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Thanks. I'll give that a try.
+1 for the tip

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You may be correct, it may well be a pretty short SP campaign,but at least it has one. Looking at Battlefront, Titanfall, and the new Rainbow Six it seems single player campaigns in FPS's are becoming increasingly rare. I appreciate 343 and Halo still supporting fans of single player gaming.

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While I can understand where the author is coming from in comparing the two games (somewhat apt considering Bungie is the common link between the two). I feel like there's one thing they aren't taking into account, and that's Halo's fanbase.

Halo has a very protective fanbase that doesn't want to see the formula messed with too much. I'm a big fan of the series myself and I'm not sure how I would feel about 343 trying to ape Destiny, or any other F...

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Thanks for the tip fOrl.

I don't think it's my TV, as some game sounds are still fine. But I'll give it a try just in case.

+1 bubble vote for the help.

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Just got into Destiny yesterday. I caved in and picked up The Taken King for the X360. But I'm experiencing some kind of audio problem. No sound from anything except that little droid thing that follows me. No weapon sound, no enemy sounds. Nothing!
I've tried hard rebooting the game with no luck. Can anyone help me out with this? Is this a common issue with Destiny?

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Master system had fantastic games. Wonderboy in monster land, Castle of Illusion, Moonwalker and afterburner all bring back wonderful feelings of nostalgia for me.

But it also suffered from having the worst console controller ever made in my opinion.

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KOTOR 1& 2, Republic commando, battlefront 1 & 2 and rouge squadron.

everything else can GTFO in my humble opinion.

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I would like to see them go a couple of generations into the future 30 - 50 years.
new characters, new weapons, new enemies, new stories. Same great gears universe.

hell. It could be another war on an entirely different planet, as long as the fundamental Gears of War elements are in place you can do nearly anything.

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I doubt Nintendo will announce a new console. But I would not be at all surprized to see them stealing the show at E3.

they are Nintendo after all.

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