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I hope this shows why I get annoyed at many people who complain about the prices of their games being too high when really it is far cheaper than it is those such as myself who live in New Zealand. There is a reason I get a lot of my games shipped in from overseas now.... I also rely a lot of steams US prices which are so much better, but in many cases the big publishers will purposely put up the price of big games cause they can get away with it here.... it's bs.

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There is a ridiculous amount that could be listed....

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Been playing the beta, it's freaking fantastic. Anyone who was a fan of D2, Torchlight, or the genre in general needs to get this when it comes out.

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Nuts and Bolts was great, just different to the old ones. Doesn't mean it was 'bad' though.

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Think we need to become acustomed to the fact Bethesda is a 'publisher' now too. They won't just have announcements for their own games. It also means people should stop thinking they are the ones making all these games too.

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I'm suggesting anyone who is surprised for a 3rd didn't finish 2? Was clearly going to be more. It aint out till next year either so it's a pretty normal 2 year dev cycle.

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I don't think it's really had the same marketing as any of those other games, not to mention the release date came out of nowhere. That being said I hope the reviews get it a lot more sales and 20,000 is a great start for something not as advertised. It's one of the most brilliant downloadable games I've played in a long time.

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If there is really as many issues as the publicity video states then maybe they should just top playing the game in general. It's clearly just badly made.

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Some games on steam get their prices changed depending on the region. So percentage makes sense.

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I'm just hoping the rumours of a steam release for the baldur's gate games is true atm.

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Playing through AM right now, gotta say that the tension and narrative isn't as good with the sort of open world structure is has. I don't mind in a small downloadable title like this, but for AW2 it really needs to stick to being linear. The only times I will be alright with a slight open world setup is daytime sections.

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While I disagree on the SC2 part, I do think that their quality has been declining. I use to be a total blizz fanboy but once they started making some bad changes to world of warcraft my opinion began to sway.

D3 is taking way too long, and there is way to many bad additions and changes that just make me concerned for how good it's actually going to be. As far as I'm concerned Torchlight 2 is the true 'successor' to diablo 2, and well it isn't surprising s...

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There's a few on there that should not even be suggested as being 'bad' in any shape or form.

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I actually really enjoyed the SP of the last game. Quite keen to see what they will do next.

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Several of these were overrated....

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wut.... WHAT. How could anyone even think it was a slightly 'good' ending to begin with makes no sense to me. There is even better endings within the SAME franchise.

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Sure there was some frame-rate issues, but they hardly mattered when the game was so freaking amazing on the whole.

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This certainly sounds promising.

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Just bought the Oddbox on the steam sale, derp.

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Well it is not something I asked for, it doesn't seem like a bad decision for a downloadable title. Good way to extend playtime and worth.

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