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Meh, I've lost interest of the current Naughty Dog now a days. It seems like force agenda is the only thing that coming out from that developer. Sucker Punch is my next Naughty Dog.

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That's probably a good thing. You can use any object as a controller/ weapons. This is probably for PSVR 2.

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This could be huge. Kodawaka is big in terms of Anime & Video Games.

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We are talking about two completely different things. Nintendo marketed the 3DS as a handheld device. The switch as a Handheld console. Both are released couple years apart. Compared to the one that you mentioned on your current post. Those are generation apart. Of course the new one will always phased out the old one. That's just the world works on both technology and people.

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If you claimed Nintendo sold about 76 million 3DS. That is a surprising low number for their "handheld console". Nintendo hand held usually go pass over 100 million unit sold. If you do a simple math, meaning that most of the 3DS audience went to switch instead. Got it? Hence, the word canabalized. Eating your own. The reason why switch got a huge boost on sales. While 3DS remain dead.

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You pretty much answer your own question.

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Well, the switch pretty much canabalized the 3DS sales to attained that number.

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24 TF Confirmed.

It can run Crysis & Cyberpunk on 8K, 120fps with ray tracing

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I worry for Naughty Dog's future moving forward now that Neil Druckman is the Vice president of that company.

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More like snake oil salesman.

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Don't forget "QUALITY" exclusive games.

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PSnow should be included with the PS+.

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Sorry, dual sense sold me on next gen. You should try it for yourself. It's next gen.

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Yet Playstation has the best Visuals & Audio.

Just like 12 vs 10TF

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Most Boring Game Of The Year

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Sony buying Konami & Capcom would be awesome. Suikoden & Breath of Fire please.

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Not only dashboard, but games as well

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Lmao. That's why you tubers are raving about the PS5 and how impressed they are with the dual sense. On the other hand. Youtubers are complaining that their Xbox Series X are already broken or something.

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Not really. Sony's main focus are new games. Not BC. You don't need smart delivery on new games. I prefer Sony to focus more on dual sense and implementation.

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Phil want that secret sauce all over his body.

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