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pretty hard judo chop there m8 lolz

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going to pre-order tomorrow...woohoo

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first... they will test it out on the military...then once is green lighted...they will force on the public...just one more step towards the NWO..

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did they never play killer klassics like onimusha's, kingdom hearts, or disgaea, ffx over ffxii in my opinion

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you do know the ps3 came one year later right? ..on top of that only being 7-8 million behind is an incredible feat...i even suspect that you once owned a ps1...ps2....and eventually when you come to your senses...a ps3....the games that are superior in every way on the ps3 ...heavenly sword...ratchet n clank...uncharted....motorstor m....gt5 prologue..cod4 (ps3 version) ....sorry to say but there is not really nothing next gen on the the nintendo WII chose a diff...

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its always good to start my day off with a laugh and that did it ..

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the mailman delivers the goods....well spoken and ROFL!!!

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it has to be a 50gig disc...resistance took almost 20gigs with about a 12-15 hour single player mode and multiplayer...MGS4..will probably clock in around 50 hours to beat assuming you dont skip through all the cutscenes...mgs3 took me around 35-40 hrs to beat i believe...GO MGS4 FTW.... and this is also off topic...but i bet FFXIII will be the first game to use a 100gb 1 purchase for me

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you pay your monthly CABLE bill? ...and then you pay microsoft AGAIN ? watch the same sh1t you are paying for cable? wow microsoft really does you good bill( microsoft) and monica (you) aka all xtwats

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scenario where cop pulls you over and looks at the license plate...and buddy you like to do drive bys on cops huh? get your ass out of the car or i will make you..then comes a rodney king' thanks but i will pass ...will get the game tho..

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about me paying 600$....but what you fail to realize is that system will last me 10 plus about your turdbox? how many years that going to last you with only dvd? and minus all the other features..?

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did microshat ever care for their consumers? ...if you answer yes..then wat the freak is up with windows?

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the god of war series is one of my fav series of all time...MGS...ONIMUSHA...DEVIL MAY CRY...RESIDENT EVIL...FFANTASY...just to name a few

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sh1t she would probably start taxing on bj's too..

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wtf is she talking about video games only for? what about hollywood movies ? some kids will play games to take out aggression instead of on the streets somewhere, this is what they want to stop, they want kids to go around causing real life terror instead of in the videogame world...they are trying to find ways to get kids to behave stupidly again since the adolescent crime rates are down, that means no money comes into the justice system....

secondly, anyone who votes in ameri...

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the dude is a visionary for gaming..

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what amazes me about you is that your avatar pisses on SONY, but you clearly state you have a psp? so in essence, would you be pissing on yourself ? or you just an undercover SONY LOVA

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i loved resistance, will pick this one up too

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is the weapons!!! insomniac always delivers on every game

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