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Yes really.
I love the mix of strategy and shoot-em-up. Battling hard with your planes and ships while all the time sneaking a sub at crush depth through the enemies line and torpedoing his carriers.

Or getting that one critical hit against a capital ship with a dive bomber that can turn the outcome of a battle.

Or dancing in and out of your enemies gun range while trying to lure him into a spread of torpedoes you fired earlier.

I love it

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Midway is one of my favorite games on the 360. BS:P is the biggest game of 2009 for me. I'm going to spend hundreds of hours on the MP

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I played Midway last night just to get used to the controls again.

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A secret mind control device?

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There is a car park on the hill above it where you can look down on the base.

And you can camp on the beach opposite and see everything you'd want to.I camped there during some Nato exercises when there were over 40 ships at the base.

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or what about "Punish Them!"

rather when killing you enemy you get to spank them and attach nipple clamps to them

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I can't believe you got a disagree.

New 'Beastialities' could be interesting.

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The limiting factor for the PS3 will be the imagination of the developers.

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Didn't he claim to have a car that was powered like this?

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Sometimes the random button bashers are hard to beat.

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Thats emotional.

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You can't say you wouldn't get excited about a new Dizzy game

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LOL, nix

Disagrees will be in single figures for at least a week :-)

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My 360 has a thousand yard stare and it never smiles

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If your talking all platforms then Halo Wars doesn't even deserve a 7.

Every RTS i've played on the PC is better.
Yuris Revenge
Generals Zero Hour
Even older games like K240 on the Amiga had more strategic depth.

And as far as FPS's go on all platforms my favorite would be AvP on the PC. The best atmosphere ever until they patched it to allow mid-level saves.

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both LeGenDx and Ghoul can only argue using PC games.

Halo was the first to do these things on a console and rightfully deserves the acclaim it got for doing so.

and yeah Goldeneye rocked, nobody said it didn't.
But it didn't have 4 player online co-op, video recordings, screenshot uploads, forge, etc.
Goleneye has been improved upon, Halo hasn't yet

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Halo set the bar which has yet to be beaten. And I include KZ2 in that statement.

Halo introduced many innovative features which are only now becoming standard.

Uploading pictures to the web.
Recording videos of everything you do.
4 player co-op.

Ok, KZ2 has better graphics but its beaten on the aforementioned points and weapon design.

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Its less than 5 1/2 hours.

(I'm just saying)

Don't hate me

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Good score for a good game.

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