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Totally agree with you. It's easy to be an asshat and call lots of really well-made games overrated after the fact. Disgusts me how so many people with nothing to report about can be so desperate and really ugly. These games, regardless of platform, are someone's hard work. Perhaps the mother of the "author" of this article is overrated, look what she made after all.

Edit: Someone who already clicked wanna copy/paste the list? I'm not clicking that bull...

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continue to do that. I don't like clicking on sites I've never heard of and you saved me the time/risk. So, thanks! I like how we are suddenly concerned with a site getting hits... unless it's your site Winter...

Edit: Also, exactly what Solidus said. Bubbles.

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It wouldn't be a great loss to the world...

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When I bought a PS3 for my cousin last year from Best Buy, they tried to sell me the firmware upgrade. I was like "You're joking, right?"

They proceeded to tell me that if I don't buy the "Enhanced version" I would not be able to play future games. I just said "haha... no. You're wrong, you shouldn't tell people that." She argued with me a bit and I half-heartedly tried to tell her how that makes no sense, but it didn't penetr...

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"The potential to make more money really helps open up your mind."

Says Mr. Cash lol

Dr. Money has a similar opinion, or so I've heard.

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you made it through those 4 scary ass games. Judging by your picture, you're about 4-5, that's impressive! XD

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If I do spring for the 360, I would not mind the $15 price tag. I pay $60 for games that definitely don't give 4x that 3-4 hour mark. Not to mention, it looks pretty original.

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It would be awesome if it was multiplat, but this is not the deciding factor for me. Castlevania is what is really pushing me. A Castlevania game I can't play? I don't think I can handle that.

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I also read that he was done voice acting. At least as the Joker, which is sad.

lol ElementX, that would be awesome. We'll start with "Nighty night Bats" and "Hahahahahaha".

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Is it weird that I'm considering a 360 for XBLA games? lol

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Navi from Zelda 64... HEY LISTEN!!! HEY LISTEN!!!!! HEY LIIIIISTENNNNNNN!!!!!!!

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Why did they ban Darksiders?

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that was a horrible movie!

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let alone overclock one. Sold out everywhere, the XFX version that I want anyway.

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"Kojima seems to be obsessed with aging though, he's not THAT old and he still looks like he's in his late twenties to early thirties to me but he talks as if he's an 80 year old man on his death bed."

lmao! He really does! In every interview he gives, he sounds like a 120 year-old sage whose time has passed... "I would like a younger fresher team with a new vision to make MGS3... MGS4... MGS Remake"

ugh huh... sure.

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If you're going to compare two versions, use the same damn scenes. Whenever there is a still scene with reflective lighting it looks better than the other. Whenever there is motion in a shadow, it doesn't look as good. If you're not equipped to do proper comparisons, don't.

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"We don't want to diss on Forza 3, but software companies and console manufacturers are beginning to get too dependent on the idea of "exclusive" content to sell games. Perhaps they should first focus on making a good game, and then worry about the specific bullet points later."

Well said Xboxist.

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Definitely a good cause... I hope they make a lot of cash.

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Exactly what I was thinking. Waaaaay more excited after seeing this. From passing interest because I loved AC1, to enthusiasm.

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When you figure out what "non excising" is, please let me know. It's actually bugging me that I can't even find a comparable word that is spelled similarly? Should the Wii and 360 be exercising?

I know you didn't mean "an internal tax levied on the manufacture, sale, or consumption of a commodity" because judging from the title "n4g = ps3 fanboy", you probably don't know that many big words.

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