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hahaha you're so gullible kid.

This is simply the dude saying "We're looking into it"

This proves nothing.

Nowhere does this give any evidence of an issue... It's just a developer reassuring a person that tweeted him...

Just because they "LOOK INTO IT" doesn't mean they have or will find anything wrong..

The game works on my PS4 Pro so I could care less about wha...

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I've been playing Battlefield 1 on PS4 Pro everyday since the Pro released last week on 11/10.

I played all night last night on the new patch and literally just turned the game off less than 45 minutes ago..

I don't know if the majority of you are just hating, don't actually have a PS4 Pro, or are just talking out of your asses because the game runs smooth and flawless. Top Notch... just like it did before the patch came out.

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hmmm.. not sure if I'm believing this article... I played a little earlier today with the new patch and everything looked and played the same as before.

guess I'll play some more tonight and pay more attention..

all I noticed earlier today was UI type changes... like the color I appear in the Squad/Map is now Yellow! Like when you die the Skull for you is now Yellow on the map.

That's all I noticed... Everything in the actua...

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just one example..... sure there are instances where Xbone is close to PS4 in terms on player count...

but the graph clearly shows that PS4 consistently has more players on Battlefield...

this is just one game... granted it is a very popular game...

but player count says enough... and it's pretty eas...

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anyone with a brain knows that Digital Foundry is the goto source for all video game tech analyst/comparison.

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haha smart. I'm about to buy this. $0.99 is a no-brainer.. haha.. I guess this will be my 59th platinum...

Sweet! Now I get to have a meaningful game become Platinum #60... maybe Battlefield 1 or Skyrim..

actually it will probably end up being Batman: The Telltale Series only 2 episodes left with a guaranteed Platinum just for playing all episodes start to finish...

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I put a 1TB SSD into my PS4 Pro first thing.

Last night I played Battlefield 1 multiplayer the whole night..

Every game and I mean EVERY GAME. I was the 1st player to be loaded into the map. I got the free reign to choose whatever vehicle I wanted and was guaranteed to get it!!!

I don't know if it's the PS4 Pro or the SSD or a combination of both.

But it's a NIGHT AND DAY difference compared to playing Bat...

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I'm loving my PS4 Pro with my new 1TB SSD.

I just finished up installing everything I own that is 4K and/or HDR compatible.

About to put this bad boy thru an all-nighter

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With the enchancements of the pixel count and other things regardless of how subtle they may actually be... combine that with the weather enhancement mods and/or mods that make the lighting better or that one mod that gives lightning spells dynamic shadows...

I think in a combination of some really nice mods and the PS4 Pro optimization will make Skyrim shine pretty good in a console users living room and/or bedroom.

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Yeah nice tip man!

It's the first thing I'm doing. Just waiting on the mail man and my SSD.

When I told the dude at Gamestop I was waiting to setup it up later today he said....

"Wah! Wah! Wah! You're swapping out the HDD on the first day???? Doesn't that void the warranty!!!"


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I got this one. It was around $270 or maybe a little more with the shipping option I chose.

They have different sizes on there also.. You can click on them to see the prices.

I dunno how many different companies make them and which ones are the right size to fit in a PS4. But compared to th...

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I got my PS4 Pro sitting in the box on my bed... I'm waiting on the damn mail man to get here with my 1TB solid state drive.

That's the first thing I'm doing.. Already got the USB drive with the System Software Update on it...

I had a 2TB HDD in my PS4 but I just replaced to back to the stock 500GB HDD and I sold the 2TB to one my buddies and installed into his PS4 last night.

I wanted a boost in speed/performance so I bou...

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Shit they probably were planning Infinite Warfare 2 the day after planning on Infinite Warfare wrapped up.

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Here's an article from the Digital Foundry guys...

I'm assuming this test was done on the PS4 considering the date of the article...

It's very informative and shows the difference on many popular games.. Shows the difference between load times on HDD vs SSHD (Hybrid) vs SSD....

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hahahaha. you ain't lying about that one. that's for sure!

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I'd consider a SSD if you're buying a new drive.

they're pricey and you'll likely settle for a 1TB and not a 2TB like I'm doing

but in the long run i think it will be worth it. quicker load times = more time spent playing the actual game

I'm in a very similar situation.. I have a 2TB HDD in my current PS4.. but instead of going through all the hassle with the PS4 Pro I'm buying a new one.


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Ugh... screw this noise...

I'm ordering a 1TB SSD right now.. F*** IT! (even though they're pricey)

Quicker load times = more time playing the actual games... so it will pay itself off in the long run..

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all this shit is super old just like that other article here on N4G about the lighthouse thing...

get with times people... GTA 5 mysteries have pretty much all been solved.

people have moved on and are playing many different games now

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hahahaha. you don't have to be rich for a 4K tv

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