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yeah, great! criterion = win!

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ok kinda nice, whatever, halo never really had my attention, i mean, it's a good shooter, but it didn't have anything which made it stand out from the pack, i am not thrilled with this new title, sorry.

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i like the fact that the protagonist from cod4 is your captain now.

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uhm ok, but is this multiplatform? or 360 exclusive?
btw, 360 fanboys, don't go bragging about your games line-up, ps3's line-up is still 10000x better and bigger:
motorstorm arctic edge
gt mobile
uncharted 2
killzone 3
mgs psp
supercar challenge
new wipeout

well, i can go on, every ps3 owner can, but for now, whatever,
be happy, you will also have a game for now.

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i was the one who disagreed, why? let me explain: if people see a racing sim, they just blindly say: well, this game can't compete with gran turismo, and that's true, but that's because gt is the best racing sim ever created, and there will never ever be a better racing sim, and everyone knows that.
but nfs shift has been in development for 1.5 year, and gt5 much much longer, so don't expect a game that beats gt5, cause that's impossible, just give shift chance, i think it will be prett...

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hell, tell me something i didn't know already!!! this was a rumour a month ago, and now you guys say it's a rumour again!? like that gives us decent information about a motion sensor controller! in the future, give us articles like: motion sensor controller for ps3 CONFIRMED! or something like that, but not stuff like: "it may be there or not, but we are not sure."

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well, i still bought the game, and i think it's very cool, the landscapes aren't "empty", there are a lot of collectables, liveries you can find, and alot more, the racing can be a bit boring, but when you race in a thunder storm, it can be pretty hard, so this game doesn't deserve a 5, remember: everyone who writes a review is also just a human, and if "he" doesn't like the game, than it's a 5, well, i really like the game, and i'd give it a 8, but that totally depends on...

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yippie, lol, i love(d) this game, also have it on iphone, btw people, they released a patch for iphone that greatly improved texture quality, so i hope this will also happen for the psn version (i think so).

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can someone tell me what motorstorm has, and what this game doesn't have? i really want to know, cuz it's both off road racing, on different terrains, etc. only this one is huge with free-roam.
btw: i have motorstorm 1 & 2, and i found them rather frustrating than fun, and i do not have an xbox360, so i am not a fanboy or anything, i just want to know why motorstorm is better.

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hey guys, this is the third review, i have read alot of eurogamers reviews, and to be honest, they all suck, the first 2 reviews for fuel gave it a 4/5 , so that's an 8, this game doesn't deserve a 5/10, wait for the other reviews.

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cheers, my friend, i was thinking the exact same thing: a sound when you get a message, shouldn't be too hard to implement, i have plenty of times, that when i am playing a game, i walk to the computer, and 1 min later, i come back, and i received 1 or 2 messages, but i realize that when i am checking my inbox, a sound could fix that.

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no no no, it's a pretty misleading title:
title sais: feature WANTED, that's not true, it's:
a feature WE want, not most of the people.
stupid article, why do you want to disable the sound of a trophy anyway?

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i don't think it's a very big problem, if you have a credit card, you're done, just go to ebay, that's what i do when i need card, it works perfect!

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i know that VG247 is a british website, can someone tell me if this delay is uk only or worldwide?

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ah, that's very nice, thank you!

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uhm i don't have the guts to check it out, but what does
HTML:IFrame-FQ [Trj] mean ?

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like i care about the game, it's a wii game, it sucks.

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so that you'd know, gt5 WILL have damage, and don't say it ain't true, kazunori yamauchi himself confirmed it, the game will also have dynamic weather effects.

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like i care, i already have one, ps3 owners don't care about a price cut, that's pretty obvious.

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yeah well, that's just because there is some bored xbot that is wandering around the ps3 section, because he wants one too.

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