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If it's doing soo great then why the price cut 5 MONTHS AFTER LAUNCH?

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Everyone has to pay fees for each disk unless it's publish by M$.

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I Knew IT!! FFTurdTeen wasn't long, only its cgi were long.

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5.final fantasy turdteen
7.dlc(disk locked content)
8.a system gimping games because of disk space
9."equal" multiplatform games (even though they are not equal) instead of using using each systems's strengths
10.westernizing games that don't need it and became very crappy games as a result (dmc, FFturdteen, RE5,etc)

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No it isn't. Does MH sell very good everywhere? No, then it's not as big as FFVII.

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You don't even know what "devil" trigger is do you.
Turning your hair white is not devil trigger.
The point of devil trigger is to access his devil powers and transforming him into a devil.

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looks like they're copying Nero with that possessed right arm.


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Vita uses Memory stick M2.


I'm sure their the same even though it looks a little different.

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They haven't even started on this game. They're still occupied with kid icarus.

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Everytime Nintendo says something about the 3ds hardware it always include shafting early adopters.

Consoles that are not failing do not get its price cut in less than 6 months.

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Nintendo's tgs conference is already over. 99% was about the 3ds and no this is their only tgs conference.

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OLD!! This game was confirmed months before tgs.

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Of all the other systems they could put MH4 on they chose the 3ds. >:(

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They aren't even in the exact same place when taking those screens.

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yeah, like duke nukem forever and starcraft 2. /s

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The people that develope FFXIII is not developing FFvsXIII. A different team is developing FFvsXIII. The team that developed KH and many people from FFVII team are developing FFvsXIII.

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Story quality = WTF?
Do you like this site = No
Just kidding. :D
It would be pretty funny if some one actually did that.

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Early 3ds adopters got screwed.

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This article disagrees with your last sentence.

Quote from article:

"In a brief response to the question "Is it not possible to play without an internet connection," the support page says "It's possible to play offline for the first few hours after the start of the game. However, to play all elem...

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