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I already put 8 hours into the demo. 5 hours in Primrose and almost 3 hours in Olberic.
Shaping up to be the next greatest JRPG of all time. It would be surprising to see this game be my JRPG of 2018. Unless Pokemon, Fire Emblem and Dragon Quest XI on Switch battle it. Oh and Ni No Kuni II.

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You're one to talk about accepting something.
With all the denials you had with every Media Create Charts.

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You mean 57 million.

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It's outselling the PS4 in Japan by a large margin.
So far it's Winning US and Japan.

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It's nearing 70 million now.
The previous report was 67 million. So yeah the "death of handheld" is false.

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You do know Doom was on SNES and N64.
Heck I even got Doom as kid on N64.
We traded it back in because we could barely see anything in the game because it was too dark.

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I prefer digital so that I can have access to all my games where ever I go.
I don't mind physical though.

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Scalebound could've been that game

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I have the game. I put over 10 hours into it. Which is a first for Rhythm game for me.

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Hi Troll.
Just in case you didn't know. Nintendo is Publishing this game in the West.
Square Enix only publish in Japan. Square Enix US and EU has nothing to do with this game.

So no. This game will never come to PS4.

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@The 10th Rider
So you're telling me you wouldn't buy
project Octopath Traveler or any Japanese third party exclusives on Switch?
The whole no one buys a Nintendo system for third party games is false.

People bought New 2DS in Japan for Dragon Quest XI.
People bought Yokai Watch, Shin Megami Tensei IV and many Japanese games on Nintendo system.
If you're talking western games then you may have a point there.

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Except Switch already has Third Party games coming beyond 2018 even 2019

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As if PS4 and Xbox One didn't have double the remastesr and ports the Switch got.

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Vita still receive games but 90% of it nobody wants.
And sales of the Vita prove it.

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Of course for us who owns one and still play on it but I am talking about from Nintendo themselves as far as software goes. It will end by 2020.

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Now aint that funny. Because this game isn't running natively on Switch is through the Cloud.

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Not surprise at all. This is how Nintendo make their game. The graphics are worked on last.

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That not the only thing a system needs. It need to have full support for Unity, Vulkan, Unreal Engine 4 and all the game, sound, graphic and publishers specific engines.
It was a good thing Nintendo sorted out getting the engines developers that were using for the Switch from the start. Ubisoft getting their SnowDrop Engine ready for Mario + Rabbids and Unreal Engine 4 being easy to use for developers.

Switch sales also help since it motivated developers to not sla...

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congrats. PS4 first two months of the year advantage.

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