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My wallet is ready to pay 600 for next gen

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Well, easy, people who loves Videogames, knows that a 400-600 phone does more than a 999 phone

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But Sony was the first to try this, now everyone is saying that doesn't care at all, at first Playstation Now was a game changer, I prefer to have options, buy main physical games and have digital the secondary single player Campaign games that i only play once. Perhaps that's why they move to Azure, because Gaikai was not reliable. Or maybe Phil is not making any flops this time, as past Xbox One presentation, so they could laugh at.

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New Plan on Sony, Leave Gaikai and use Azure

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A PS Gamer very close to Xbox articles, Shame on you

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Before you post something against XBOX(US), Remember that Trump could slap his fingers and cut relations with Sony (Japan)

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Shut up and take my money, I want everything, a banjo Remaster or sequel, DLC for Smash and Merch please

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Like if you are an Angry Sony Fans. Dislike for you are a Happy Sony Fan

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It's suppose to be Fable

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Just build a new PC to my parent in law, didn't know about nvme gen3x4, that is really fast, by a 256gb for 43dlls, if they both Xbox and PS4 make an agreement with ssds companies, they could have a bargain for 512 m.2 ssd, and add another TB for storage, will be nice to see next gen Consoles

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That's Fast, just remember, memory will be double, triple or even more, so this comparison is only valid against PS4, m.2 ssd is a must for both next consoles.

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You know that's why the have multiple Data Centers around the world, right ? and they are conected via backbone for almost instant connection between them ,right ? Next a list of Azure Data Centers and if both are investing , they will grow they're Possibilities

Azure Region Location
Central US Iowa
East US Virginia
East US 2 Virginia
US Gov Iowa Iowa
US Gov Virginia Virginia
North Central US Illinois ...

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I Imagine that's why they prefer Azure than Gaikai, Sony want their users to have lag. Genius Sony

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WOW, you are blinded by you fanboyism, Azure is better than Gaikai, period. Sony will just rent azure servers for more reliable online experience, Sony will be better, MS's just going to get paid for azure service, i don’t think they will mix something else. Besides that, Amazon and google are partnership for compete against Sony/MS/Nintendo, so better be prepare for what’s coming.

If you ask me, imagine buy a game, and play it on both consoles. Crossplay, Crosssave, Cr...

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Wait 3 months and then will go down to 40/30 dlls

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You forgot, the reveal of the new Xbox, hopefully

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I will

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There's gonna be a 4tb External @Bestbuy for $80 Dlls, You're welcome

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Great, i have it closed since past black friday, time to start playing

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