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Slazer- I understand your your REASONABLE question. The two statements contradict themselves. However, sometimes while waiting for a private or group session to being set up or your buddy needs to talk to his wife, you can instantly jump on Spark and do a little creating (if youre into that) and switch right back once the session is ready. In addition they are making the more obscure matches easier and faster to find.

Thats what I understood and its a neat feature. Not so muc...

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Its not impossible. Not like but still possible. The reason why I say this is because Bungie was once OWNED by Microsoft. Yet, they were released/paid to be independent. Now Bungie is developing games across all platforms.

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I havent commented here in months because of Sony "Loyalist". It started to really annoy me. So i only read the stories now. After watching this trailer i couldnt help myself. Everyone who has the chance to play this game should.

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I was hoping for a NEW Ip. Still Fable 3 is good. I guess they are holding announcements for Tokyo

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allowed. Get a life.

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some heat

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You guys are talking about games. Its up to the developers to up the numbers on their games. It has nothing to do with LIVE or PSN. What does racing "games" and "LBP" have to do with PSN/LIVE. Nothing! We are talking about the service not the games.

Some people prefer Xbox games. Others prefer PS3 games. Only people who are either "biased" or have not tried LIVE think PSN is better.

For the record I have both PSN/LIVE. PSn- fenito

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Looks simple but fun.

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Yeah, i regret buying my Wii. I actually sold it. You can get a 360 for $200. I think its alot harder for 360 only gamers to buy a PS3 because it cost double the price.

Still its great to have both systems. Im actually going to build a PC when SWtor comes out. Then i'll have the best of all worlds. Now that will be expensive.

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Did you see the part where he was shooting it out running towards them, then he swayed through a door at his right and jumped out a closed window. How is that boring?? Action packed if i say so myself.

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Too much pride in game consoles this generation. I have both and sure i play my 360 way more. But its still nice to know i can pick up PS3 exclusives when i want to.

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Thats what i call an action stealth game. Its shaping up to be insane. Im glad they delayed this game. Im very very impressed.

EDIT- since he was removed, their is no need for my response anymore

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oh, what will you do?

Its prepping the service for things to come. You dont have to play online all the time. Do you have any single player games??

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he did put baby oil on. At one point he touches his arm then wipes his hand on his Jersey.

His show has gone down hill. His site is close to trash as it gets. I feel Hype for HHG is over. Only ignorant fanboys are following him now.

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Im tired of this game. Half way through and i already want to send it back to Gamefly. Generic town, Same enemies. The Karma system is Black and White. Too boring.

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all the Sony Fanboys wine. Keep it up, It makes me smile :)

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If the game was not "Endorsed" by Kojima then he would have not went on stage to announce it. Stop being a Fanboy.

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