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Just a general thing about fighting game reviews. Fighting games is the genre you cannot trust review site. They barely touch the fighting mechanics. When watching their review videos all they do is button bash. All you need for a fighting game to score high is lots of modes and big story mode. Modes that are all shallow. Fighting games are all about strategy and reading the opponent which you cannot do with a CPU opponent. It is really unfair how fighting games are reviewed they are not give...

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another franchise capcom has westernized the hell out of.

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lol and people here deny this is not a sony fanboy site, when you get thumbed up for trashing on any games that critically acclaimed that are not on sony consoles and thumbed down if you dare praising anything thats not a playstation game.

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this years e3 has been terrible microsoft was the worst but i never had any interest in that anyways, sony was terrible they just showed nothing but hyper realistic games with QTE and most of the games showed are 2018 release. Only monster hunter, they could have shown ninokuni and dissidia even dragonball fighters from arc.

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The game length is not a problem its great, you don't have to marathon the game you can play bit by bit. find complaints like this stupid. "too much content for me". I love that this game is long makes it great value for money.

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the only real praise horizon gets is for its graphics and cinematic feel, gameplay wise zelda trumps it. Uncharted included their only praised for their graphics and cinematic experiences where the game is played by itself. Those games try to be hollywood movies, i prefer games that try to be games.

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nintendo are still king at making games purely on gameplay they don't need to rely artificial stuff in games by focusing on graphics and cinematic stuff that play themselves.

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why would sony bear a grudge it was documented they were trying to screw nintendo with the disc addon.

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this is a sony fanboy website they will praise stuff like PSVR which is a 250 quid add on in the uk and to run it at full potential on ps4 pro with no actual games developed for it just demos and experiences and they praise the hell out of it. People are idiotic to think nintendo should go and make a hardcore console again like they did with gamecube. 3 of the same consoles on the market is not going to work especially now with how strong steam has gotten. Nobody is gonna buy a nintendo conso...

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Yeah its a great idea, everyone thinking they should make a standard powerful console they would be doomed they needed to differentiate from Sony microsoft, most people are content with the console they have 3 of the same type of consoles will never work. this allows them to merge their sucessful handheld to console into one so.

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PS VR is a fad at least with Wii there was actual games, here its just demos and "experiences" The people on this site are too fanboyish and are hypocrites. This is just technology, just like the eye toy, not even 1st party sony developers are attempting to create games focused on VR. Its just for sony to say hey we got VR on PS4, thats all it is a marketing tacting. People spending all that money £349.99 to play experiences are incredibly stupid or strapped for cash.

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Its pretty ironic how people are praising VR right now the tech itself is the only good thing about. But there is no real actual good game announced. People bash nintendo but for motion controls etc they have at least games for it. All i have seen from VR is "experiences" and as a tacked on feature to some games. We are not gonna see real VR games for a long time and especially not on VR tech right now.

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Kojima was the one who got these guys in charge of the castlevania series and had iga out of the job.

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I like how everyone acts like Kojima was a victim of all this fiasco, the guy was given his own company so he wouldn't leave he had a lot of power in the decision making of the company. He single handly ran out guys like iga and kill their franchises like castlevania because he thought the fans would rather want a hollywood like demonic game. He kept fingering other guys game series that he had nothing to do with. He is really responsible with konami being reliant on the metal gear series...

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crash has never been better than mario the game have been overrated. the orginals were crappy games where you basically run in basically a hallway and hop over boxes. The games are basically hurdles.

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I have never owned a Microsoft console and never probably will since basically the same games are on a PS4 but its funny how both sides especially sony fanboys are complete hypocrites. Because now after touting how powerful their console and the cell back in PS3 on this site. Its suddenly about gameplay? I have always criticized modern games that its all about impressing people with visuals. Most of the games now are pretty much scripted sequences like in Uncharted to make the gameplay look a...

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it is also announced for Nintendo NX but theres no logo for it.

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read what i said alot people on this site have specifically said they rather see him dead because they felt like he wouldn't budge from his position and now i see the same people acting sad.

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Iwata is one of the few people i really respect, He stood up against turning Nintendo into every other company and kept games about gameplay. If you look at most of the next gen non nintendo or last gen highest rated games they were mainly cinematic games where you press button and the game enters a cutscene and does all the stuff for you. He stood up for the dying breed of players that just want to play the game and not have the game play themselves, and he stood against nintendo from invest...

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I like how all the sony fanboys say nintendo screwed sony with this when sony wanted a large percentange of sales and rights of nintendo properties sold on the super nintendo so it would have been idiotic for nintendo to go through with the partnership as they would have eventually been taken over by sony if they went that route. Sony was looking for an easy way to enter the console market with nintendo, and you can see on the prototype the lack of nintendo logos, pretty much points towards s...

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