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Jyn Erso's trait is moodiness. If you hit level 3 moodiness, you make a dry but sassy quip, like "I rebel."

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I doubt it's money gouging. I think they realized the PS VR is underperforming and want to juice up the PS4 to improve the experience. In other words, if there's no PS VR, there's no PS4K. It's more like damage control than money gouging.

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@Hellsvacancy Obviously metacritic is an aggregator. There is a theory that the aggregate opinion of the many ordinary is better than the opinion of the few "smarter" folks. It's called "Wisdom of the Crowd."

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@Naga And let's not forget, the original purpose of a TM is to protect the buyers of goods by insuring that they can trust the quality of the goods based on the recognition of the TM.

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@ breakpad

I beta'd PS Now, and played Pixel Junk Eden. Hung up a few times, but was largely playable on a fairly crappy Comcast internet connection. I bet it's great for turn based games like XCOM, or for most anything for people with excellent internet connections. People in Chattanooga, Tennessee and...well, South Korea are loving it.

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So you've only actually played the demos? The same amount of content played by other media outlets that have been critical of the gameplay? So there's nothing really new here but to say "you should wait" to judge? Well, duh.

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Is that latin?

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Bone Thugs-N-Homeless

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Add to this question, how long is the cable? Not listed in any specs that I can see.

RE: lag, the claim is that is reduced, and I noticed in the FAQ the further claim that it can be reduced by setting the TV to "video game" mode to eliminate any post processing.

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Wary of what? That they'll do it right? From all available footage, it looks well executed. I didn't even get passed the diamond store heist before losing interest, but may still pick this up.

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Why not? Seems less useless than Us Weekly, to be honest. But yeah, I agree about the reviewing games bit. Doesn't seem to be in their wheelhouse.

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I love the USB device base music play. Keeps room free on the HDD (obviously), but it's much easier to switch out music. As said, buy a USB hub.


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Anybody know why VGChartz region breakdown doesn't add up to match their totals? They show XBONE being only slight behind for the week of October 4, but it doesn't add up.

I'm guessing that China is the difference?

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Reign of Giants ups the difficultly significantly

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Yes, that does make sense. LEDs are incredibly efficient, especially colored LEDs that don't lose energy shifting colors to white.

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I have wear. The rubber is peeling off. There are supposedly solutions for replacement caps, which would be fine...but the ones I bought on Amazon never arrived.

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@cemelc Maybe consider picking up Last of Us when you can get a copy around $20 or so.

You don't really notice the graphic upgrade since you're not playing a side-by-side comparison, but it's a different experience with the controller. Much more enjoyable aiming with the bow or a hunter rifle scope.

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@minimur12 "Amy worked on all 3 of the previous Uncharteds, Wrote UC1/2"

IMHO, UC1 and 2 were too similar in their plot twists. You end up fighting creatures twisted and tainted by the secret they're protecting. I actually groaned when I came across the blue baddies in Shambhala. Maybe they read her plot outline and didn't think it was bold enough.

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@pwnsause_returns I didn't *expect* them to talk about Morpheus, but if you introduce the topic with "we have had an overwhelming response from developers and the community", then why not give us a vague hint at a timeline or how many developers are all in on development? I want to know that this is real and not just vaporware. I've seen this movie way too many times. Start setting the concrete.

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Dance Central? Fables Legends? Yeah. Those are awesome exclusives. Crackdown? Lots to prove after Crackdown 2.

I'm not just downing Xbox. Dead Island will suck. I wasn't impressed with either conference, though the amount of lead time for No Man's Sky on PS4 could actually matter.

For Sony, I wanted them to move the ball forward on Morpheus, and they didn't. No "Last Guardian", no Media Molecule. No Guerrilla Games RPG. No Rockst...

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