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Its pretty good value especially if you know where to buy the subscription from. From CD Keys you can a months subscription for just £1.49 or a years subscription for £13.99. That's a bargain.

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Whoever wrote this is a complete moron.

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What's funny about this is 99% of people don't have a clue what they are talking about. PS4 has sold nearly 100 million units and 100s of millions of physical copy games... Do you really think thats just all gonna stop? Cloud gaming is rubbish right now, it is far from ready and imo won't ever be big, i mean does anyone really want to play games using a streaming service? Its alright for slow paced games but play something that requires fast response and its just bad, and what abo...

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What's funny is how the PS3 can run the first one at 60fps but the PS4 can't do the second only the Pro can.

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Don't know how PS4 in No 2, yea its got some good games but the console imo is an absolute POS, its been riddled with issues since day 1 and its nearly always got connection issues. The Standard PS4 and Pro took 3 attempts each to make them run quiet, each Pro model has an annoying buzzing noise when playing games. I haven't used my Pro for months, gone back to PS3 where ive had 0 issues and the console is silent!

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Only Remaster i want is a Dead Space Trilogy.

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What about how blurry it is in the Pro. I use a 1080p without HDR and it looked awful, i left it on the 2nd mission since day 1!

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I don't care what it is, COD has been old news for ages to me. Even if it is MW4 it will be heavily focused on crappy MP and full of Microtransactions. The only thing that can save COD is if is a 4 player open world co-op. As soon as i see anything MP related my interest goes straight to 0.

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Everyone knows its coming it out, a reveal is more a confirmation now.

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These games should be no more than £10 when they are released as they drop in price so fast. I buy these when they are like £1.

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PS Plus this time is very poor. The games are that much of poor value they don't even have a platinum trophy. Easily the worst month ever for plus imo. We have gone from 6 games a month with sometimes a bonus game to this.

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A win for Sony fot one? Lol what. PS Plus is nearly always better. This is probably the first month in a very long time GwG is better.

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2 idiots disagreeing lol. Do some research.

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Was confirmed ages ago...

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All i use to play was cod, but i lost interest long ago. Last gen are where all the good cods are. This gen has been dreadful.

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Edith Finch a glorified Demo.... Great stuff.

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A lot better still = rubbish

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"wheels users"

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The witness was just on ps plus for NA and EU... Clueless much

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