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That was pretty cool.

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DS4 sucks imo, poor battery life, stupid light always on, the sticks have an issue where they develop a lump you can feel when moving in a certain direction, the triggers develop faults where they stop giving full response. If the DS3 was compatible i would never use the DS4.

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Worst controller ive ever used, the sticks are absolutely dreadful, they feel lumpy and have a lot of play in them which is awful for racing games. I bought a 360 to play the exclusives and tried about 10 pads some of which were new... All were the same, ended up never playing it. The pad is like something from Poundland.

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Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor
Lego City Undercover
Desert Child
Enigmatis: The Ghost of Maple Creek
Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition
I Am Bread
Rainbow Moon
Gal*Gun: Double Peace
Danger Zone


Anodyne (PS4)
Danger Zone (PS4)
Desert Child (PS4)
I Am Bread (PS4)
Inside My Radio (PS4)

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I really liked IW, campaign is great and zombies is a lot of fun.

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Well obviously it is seen as though they are backwards compatible, duh.

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This was confirmed ages ago

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Sick of hearing about this already. Can't wait to see all the disappointed people when its just your typical 6-8hr campaign with heavily focused Microtransaction MP crap.

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To me no season pass means heavily focused MP full of Microtransactions.

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I played PS3 version, absolutely nothing wrong with it.

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Glad its finally confirmed, such a good game. I wonder if the multiplayer will be removed? I liked it.

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It really wasn't, great game. In fact you're the first person ive seen say its bad.

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Crazy how people moan at this months games and praise next months... Next months are both cheap games, BL is on sale all the time and most who wanted it will have it. Poor value again.

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This is a stupid article imo, if you want one now then get one its the best time to get one... If you wait until next gen and the games you wanted to play now have online then they will be dead or almost dead. Also the games won't run or look better on next gen, and if they do it won't be by much.

I won't be buying a PS5 for a long time, I'm not buying another console at launch ever again... I sill wait until PS5 Pro comes out and then i will wait for the 3...

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Agree with Ghosts, that was the last good Cod imo. Extinction is awesome i put 100s of hours into that.

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'New' hahahaha

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A mysterious update.... Here's what it does.

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Will do :)

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Nah i think i will just leave my calendar as nothing interesting happening that day.

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