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Big deal they swapped a game, lets make a big fuss over it. Don't know how anyone can moan at the switch.

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I have 0 interest in next gen. This gen PS4s as a console have been awful imo, so many problems with loud fans, PSN issues, controller issues, took them multiple attempts to make the PS4 quieter, 3 attempts yo make the Pro quieter. The firmware updates have been rubbish and just lazy. I will probably buy a PS5 bit it won't be for at least 3 years after lunch.

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Haha skit!

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This again... Yawn.

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Clickbait... This rumor is only for Switch.

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It use to be great PS Plus with its game offerings. Sony have just got very greedy.

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The weapon wasn't even good. Best and most fun weapon was the Zhalo Supercell. Its all i used.

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What a stupid thing to post.

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This again ugh....

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I don't think so, the aiming is dreadful, one of the worst i can think of. Best co-op I've played is Army of Two The Devil's Cartel.

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I don't care says me.

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All this fancy stuff yet they can't even fix simple stuff on PS4.... It takes them multiple attempts to make a console quiet. It even took them multiple attempts to make a controller that doesn't brake.. I ain't buying into PS5 until long after launch. The games this gen have been great, but the PS4 as a console imo is absolutely rubbish. I spent £350 on a Pro that is loud AF! And buzzes, the UI also runs really badly. I hate it.

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Who cares its been 2 weeks already, let it go.

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It really isn't... A 6-8hr campaign with heavily focused microtransaction multiplayer. Yea no thanks nothing new here.

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I really don't care about power, its all about games. But this Gen PlayStation consoles have really put me off buying another, i certainly won't be buying one at launch. I will wait a year or 2 and see if it has a loud fan and if the controllers are badly made.

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A 6-8hr campaign... Same old same old... No thanks. I will never understand why they do same stuff every single year... Why don't they just make a massive open world co-op mission game. They are nuts for not doing it imo.

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Old news, happened ages ago.

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That was easily the worst conference I've ever watched.

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*Added support for additional content
*Added new sorting options to fast travel menu
*Stability and Performance improvements
*Various Fixes

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I don't have an Xbox but i always like watching this, they did good but they could of done so much better. Really surprised they didn't show the next Xbox and didn't show any gameplay, especially when it's coming out next year. And did anyone else think those graphics were disappointing? And just 4x more powerful? Xbox One X was more of a leap lol

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