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So its twice as good?

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All the dislikes are just clueless people

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Major update haha give over, more like major crap update. How about change the boring UI, how about actually fix the UI because it lags badly on PS4 Pro.... I can't be bothered to name all the issues but there is a lot! PS4 has a great selection of games, but the Console is terrible and the firmware is terrible. I only buy PlayStation, i love my PS3 but i absolutely hate my PS4 Pro, its just a loud, laggy bug ridden POS.

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Its obviously not good for those who have most of these but for someone like me who has hardly any its a bargain! I'm not interested about playing online as i play Single Player and I've wanted a few of these but was waiting for this... So Battlefront 2, Battlefield V, NFS Payback, A way out, Burnout Paradise Remastered, UFC 2&3, The Sims 4... Plus all those Sports games i wouldn't normally buy unless they are dirt cheap... All that and more to come for just £20 a year! D...

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They aren't, you are just clueless.. There is loads of good ones.

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MP....yawn. 0 interest in MP. And yea that's a new game engine hahahaha? Looks exactly the same as the other ones. Same old trash.

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Don't really care, the game is a POS. Nowhere near as good as D1.

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A Dev said hello...Half Life 3 confirmed - Gamingbolt.

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I swear most these gaming sites are run by Lloyd Christmas

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Spec Ops the Line.. AI always went Rambo and died on FUBAR.

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Lol what.

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Loading times don't really bother me, gives me time to scratch my nuts.

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Another thread about this, get over it!

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Same here with the laggy home screen, pretty bad Sony are ignoring it.

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Took you a week to notice?

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Yea and no, if we get PS5 Pro then that's just stupid. The OG PS4 lasted just 3 years before the Pro came out. Be interesting to see what happens with games releasing on PS4-5 in a few years, will they stop for both the OG PS4 and Pro at the same time or will the Pro only get updates and games while the OG PS4 won't as it will be too weak.

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Yea but it doesn't help the game been absolutely rubbish. D1 is 10x better.

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No thanks, terrible games. Heat 2 is beyond a joke, worst graphics and worst performance I've seen on PS4.

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Even if it was totally free, i still wouldn't care. 0 interest.

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