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Spoilt for years lol? WRC 4-5-6 are absolute trash! The screen tearing in 5-6 is very bad and i didn't bother with 7 due to how disappointing the others are. The best rally game I've played this gen is Sebastian Loeb Rally Evo.

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Hahaha what a load of bs. I've not played it and i know for a fact it won't be. Not unless the co-op is an absolute masterpiece because that is the only thing i keep playing as i have 0 interest in MP.

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At £1.67 a month you would be stupid to say its not worth it.

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Same old crap, nothing new. Just another cash grab.

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We knew this ages ago. Old news.

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Sick of hearing about this game. Can't wait until it is released and all the complaints start... This will be the most over hyped Cod ever.

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Final stage? Clueless.

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It hasn't released for anything yet... And yes it is coming to Wii..

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Most wanted 2012 imo was awful, on PS3 the graphics are dreadful, and the crash cam was very annoying. Rival is the worst imo, hated that game. My favourite is Hot Pursuit, great game. Also Shift 1&2 are really good.

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How many times has this been said each time a new cod is coming out and turned out to be a load of bs?

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Put GTA on earlier to try the Casino.... What a load of rubbish that is. Very very lazy effort.

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Lol what that's an awful price.

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Can't wait for this, really enjoyed this game. I think a lot of people forget or just don't know that this is voiced by the full Ghostbusters cast and was also written by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis.

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Definitely not.

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Remember when COD was about Campaign. I hate MP no matter what game it is, its so boring and pointless.

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Yea the problem is Ubisoft..

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Rockstar last gen, 6 games 2 stand alone DLC games.... Rockstar this gen (I'm not counting GTAV) 1 game RDR2 which was my most anticipated game, i played on PS4 Pro and after the first mission i instantly noticed the game looked very blurry, waited for a patch that never came..... Tried the game on my mates standard PS4 and its fine.. Never bothered trying online but all i hear is it's bad. Rockstar this gen have been very poor. I know some will say oh it was fine for me i had no blur...

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Hiding obviously

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Look at all the clueless dislikes...

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Definitely not.. you are just another clueless fool.

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