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I always have it turned off, i only play using headphones anyway. Playing using anything but headphones just sucks imo, Its much more immersive especially in surround sound (not the virtual crap)

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I haven't been interested in MP for years, what's the point when its never a fair game, someone will always have an advantage depending on their connection. Plus its super boring.

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I don't get the fuss, if you want to play an exclusive just buy the damn console, its not like they cost £1000s.

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Rockstar have been awful this Gen, they have had only 1 game out RDR2, worst thing is it was heavily advertised in PS4 Pro... And that's the console it looks worse on! It's a blurry mess imo, they even acknowledged it but never fixed it. Rockstar are just lazy and greedy.

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Haha this is just pathetic, not many will be interested in this mode anyway.

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Every game should be that way especially COD, paying full price when i have 0 interest in MP.

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Ubisoft server problems? That's new.

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I wouldn't even call that a sneak peak, it's a gif!

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Oh wow a whole 4 seconds..

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It isn't E3 or PSX.. Clueless much

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And 1% campaign 1% Spec Ops missions and 97% MP crap!

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Warframe has always been better, Destiny isn't anywhere near as good, Warframe is so much more advanced. What's funny is Destiny 2 has cost people £100+? Warframe which has 50x more content costs £0. Madness. Love Destiny 1 though, but 2 is just bad, riddled with issues and badly unbalanced, they took everything fun from D1 and threw it away,

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Freebies.... Shakes head.

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What would be funny is if it turns out to be an SSHD.

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Even if it was all free i wouldn't be interested. You buy a game and can't even download it, you having a laugh? How many people have 100% stable internet that will cause 0 issues? Because that is what you will need, i bet MP will be a nightmare on this. This is going to a massive failure, its laughable imo they think this is a good idea.

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PS4 Super Slim.

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Definitely not.

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Don't know about elsewhere but the £5 minimum spend hasn't been a thing for ages now.

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Do you buy a Banana and expect an Orange?

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You said sometime at the end of the month... Its a fixed date and time.

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