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I don't know anyone who bought this game, not a single person on my PS Friends list even has it. A few of my mates are the ones who normally buy a Cod day 1 and one of them has 100% trophies on every Cod game... I asked why they didn't buy it and they said because its got no single player!

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Typical idiots disagreeing

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Wow big deal it sold more digital copies than WW2.... This means absolutely nothing! Buying digital is a lot cheaper if you game share which a lot of people do, and you can get PSN at half price if you know where to look.... Also its becoming a lot more popular for people to buy from foreign PS Stores like Turkey or Indonesia where its a lot cheaper.... To me all this means is more people want to buy Cod as cheap as possible.

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This is most likely because digital is a fair bit cheaper if you account share so a lot will be like nah I'm not paying full price for this so go halfs with a friend. Also here we can just buy O2 sim cards and get PSN credit at less than half price.

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Yea this is for those who bought 12 months from the ps store, it was a promotion.

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It depends, some online trophies are not bad like co-op ones, the ones i hate are PvP ones, i use to play lots of PvP when i was younger, but I'm older now and only play co-op and SP so games that require me to be top player in PvP and reach max level etc i just know i will never platinum it. And like others have said when a games servers are turned off and you can no longer get the trophies its annoying, especially when the trophies were easy, what's worse is we are getting more and ...

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People should read it before getting excited.... Its not compatible with all games before April this year... So if like me you like to go back and play older games this feature is useless!

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I must be one of the few that actually liked AC3, i loved the story. When the game came out i played it on PS3 and you could tell it was crying out for next gen hardware. Also comes with AC Liberation which is pretty cool, that's another good game, i wonder if the will both have separate trophy lists too.

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This is complete bs... Prime Engrams are completely random, I've gotten 3 within the space an hour then the next day its taken me 8hrs with a hell of a lot more than 2000 kills juwt to get 1.. They also don't always give you a level boost i got loads that were completely useless because they gave me a low level item due to the broken system D2 has, and its the reason i deleted my character and gave up on the game as i wasted 100s of hours and my level hardly moved! And they most certa...

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One of the worst games I've played in a long time.

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Dreadful month. Friday the 13th is absolutely terrible, and the servers are the worst I've ever seen.

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This is bs imo. For me the system (pro) is a lot more sluggish after 6.00.

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Clickbait crap as usual.... How is that a massive update. Idiots.

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The only reason its currently bad is because the devs are bunch of wallys who seem like they don't know what they are doing... Its a good game that could be brilliant but its just too much of a mess.... Better or as good as D1?...... No chance not even close.

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If you haven't experienced any issues they you don't pay attention, hardly play it or are just trolling... Same for the app.. take a look on bungies forums, nuff said.

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All you did is state the obvious.... Also you cant get crucible gear by handing in tokens because it's currently glitched.

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Have you even played it? The game is a right mess since the update. So many issues.... I mean they can't even make the app properly work ket alone the game.

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It won't happen its as simple as that. SSHD maybe. I'm sure Sony will have USB storage at launch this time so whichever console you buy if you want some SSD just plug it in via USB.

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These games are pretty good but the performance has always been really bad.

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Clickbait much.

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