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They didn't even get banned... Its a 1 week suspension. Can't believe that's all they got, i got a 2 weeks suspension for calling someone a camping little prick but racist abuse is just 1 week. Really Sony.

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This started like 2 days ago..

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They need a miracle.

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This is completely standard....give over the the clickbait!

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I wonder if in a few years games that are coming out on PS5 will also come out on PS4 Pro but not the Standard PS4.

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Added fixes for crashing issues with Far Cry 5 version 1.12.
Fixed some glitches.
Added fixes for framerate drop and freezing issues.
Added fixes for stuttering/lag issues.
Far Cry 5 1.12 for PS4 added performance and stability improvements.
Gameplay improvements added with Far Cry 5 1.12.
Added other minor fixes and changes with Far Cry 5 patch 1.12

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Really good game but it is by far the most confusing game ive ever played. Blows Destiny away imo, its crazy how Destiny is paid game and this is Free! Mental.

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I have a PS4 Pro and an original C chassis that I smashed to bits because the hdmi port broke at a low time in my life.... Turns out it was the hdmi cable.

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Surprised they haven't done one in the Spartacus period, would be awesome fighting and working your way up to the Colosseum to become the champion, then getting your freedom or breaking out and joining Spartacus army and going missions and fighting in battles. Be good i think.

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I think they should look more into companies sending out broken games... I think if a game doesn't work properly or is full of glitches then you should be entitled to a full refund no matter what platform its purchased on, or the company should be forced to fix the issues. So sick of buying games with issues, and its more annoying when they don't get fixed.... I'm looking at you Ubisoft!

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This isn't new... The 14 day refund policy has been there for years! Over the years ive got about 8 refunds, 3 were Sleeping Dogs, Grid Autosport and Dragon Age Origins that i bought and a few days later they were announced to be on ps plus so i got them refunded.

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Errrm you have always been able to do this... I have requested a refund a few times amd its always said in terms that you can get a refund within 2 weeks along as you haven't downloaded it. This is nothing new.

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You're a bit late with this... Been on for weeks and ends next week.

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All these types of games are absolutely rubbish imo, they provide me 0 enjoyment.

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Because not all gamers are boring. MP absolutely sucks imo no matter what game it is, if all you do is play MP then you are either boring or young. I use to play MP when i was younger but now I've grown up i realize how boring and pointless it is.

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I have nearly 14.000 trophies and 150 plats. The trophies i hate are online ones because once the servers go offline the platinum becomes unobtainable. I'm also not a fan of ones that require you to play through the game multiple times, and the ones that are least fun are timed trophies. All trophies are optional though, you don't have to plat the game. Going for a platinum when you aren't enjoying it though is just pointless and a waste of time. I don't earn trophies anywhere...

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This isn't the size of the update, this is the size of the file after the update, if you have the digital version you may as well just delete it and start again when the patch hits. The way the patches work for some PS4 games is just stupid.

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What an absolute load of rubbish!

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No. I would be surprised if it had MP due to how badly hacked it is on PS3. It would be a complete waste of time anyway, it would be dead within a few weeks. Campaign only would be perfect imo.

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This is a load of bs i guarantee you.

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