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Ain't no way I'm buying another PS launch console. They are always riddled with issues.

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PS Now is terrible imo, its mostly PS2 games, PS3 games that can only be streamed and streaming sucks on this.... A fair few PS4 games most of which are rubbish, old, servers shutdown and full of glitches. Its like a scrapyard for PS games. Only about 10% of the games are worthy to be there.

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Only works on WiFi

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Just tried the remote play and that is absolutely terrible, its unusable without a Dualshock. And it was lagging like crazy and I'm 3 foot away from it. Can't imagine what its like far away. Saying the Dualshock isn't compatible on anything other that Android 10 is BS, It works perfectly fine on my phone they are just blocking it.

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I knew they wouldn't fix the video player on the web browser, why do they constantly keep making the browser worse? Now the image is all squashed!

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Remote play on all android devices.... Oh but only those on Android 10 can use a Dualshock 4.... Useless

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Not really, you can't use the Dualshock unless you have Android 10 so what's the point.

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One thing they need to do is completely forget about Multiplayer, hardly anyone is bothered about that on this game series. Just focus on Single Player and Co-op. I would love it to be a full on Retro 80s theme.

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That's pretty lazy, if I'm buying it on the Pro then i want the enhancements at launch, I don't want them weeks after when I've already finished the game... This is disappointing.

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I will never pre order a game... Why, because I'm not stupid. I wait and see if the game i want is a buggy mess, if it isn't i will buy (which is hardly ever nowadays) if it is i will wait a year and buy it at a fraction of the price for a more finished and better experience. Unless it's something Ubisoft have made, if its a mess chances are it will never get fixed.

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I never knew this, why did i never know! Damn lol.

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Why not, its on a PC so nothing special. Warframe is older and looks better.

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Doubt it was due to shadowkeep, it will have been due to going F2P

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What makes this annoying is paying for this and PS Plus... And then having a game from this coming to Plus. What is the point in that. Games on PS Now should not go to Plus.

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Wish Sony would make PS4s faster, on Pro its ridiculously slow for me and has been since day 1!

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I instantly knew it was gamingbolt before i even clicked.

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It's been under £10 for ages

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They will keep making them because idiots keep buying them.

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