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Xbox 360 Premiums have had the chrome DVD tray since launch. Nice try, though.

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The current Xbox has a "built in" Microphone. The Elite and Premium (don't ask me about the Arcade) ship with a headset, which can be used for voice recognition. If this is not the form intended by the article's author, where else would you put a "built in" microphone?

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Here, have a napkin...you've got some Kool-aid on your chin.

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Please note, however, that the $10billion figure cited represents box office sales, and does not include DVD sales. Even so, I'm stoked that gaming is doing so well, as an industry. Good times.

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No one is trying to "regain" past losses. Stock prices reflect the market's valuation of a company's FUTURE prospects; they are not a club held over a company's head for past failures.

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Your steering wheel is not broken. That is a feature. It is trying to increase the realism by simulating wheels that are out of alignment. You didn't happen to hit a deep pothole in Forza 2, did you?

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It is their JOB to be greedy. They have a fiduciary duty to care about nothing but money. That is the nature of a corporation. A wise executive will realize that investing in relationships and creating goodwill can generate long-term financial viability, but those activities are solely designed with profit as the ultimate goal. If you must be angry, focus your anger at Sony, for abandoning gamers in order to collect royalties on hardware tech.

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Nah. He intended to infer that Capcom publishes games on consoles that are so successful, that the games literally "sell out."

Seriously, though, Dub, you are right. It is just business. The Wii has the diverse install base to support a wide range of projects, and development is very inexpensive. The 360 has a very high attach rate, but is a non-entity in Japan and the competition can be something fierce (games on the level of Oblivion and Bioshock set the bar hig...

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I have re-read your post and concede that I misread your post. Even had I read it correctly, I was wrong to verbally abuse you. Your rebuke was 100% merited. I offer no excuses, only an apology. I am sorry for being condescending. I also apologize for subjecting you to a played-out fishing analogy, though I guess that reflects entirely on me and not on you.

This is my last bubble, so please accept what I have written here, as I cannot follow it up attempting to convince yo...

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First of all, you are right about the Wii selling more than the 360. However, that is immaterial to the issue at hand.

Let’s read the first line of the post, shall we? “Nintendo says its worried there won’t be enough Wii game consoles to go around this holiday season.” They have been saying this for a while now. Knowing nothing more than this, we can deduce that something is amiss.

Nintendo is a corporation. The goal of a corporation is to make a profit for ...

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"while it is obvious you love to hear yourself talk it doesn't mean you are right." No, it just means I have more to say... Let me turn your verbiage right back at you. [W]hile it is obvious you have no grasp of business managment[,] it doesn't mean that everyone else is afflicted in like manner.

How about this, "With that comes with a certain ummm how you say 'budget'."

Do you really think Nintendo is some sort of garage operation? Are they o...

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@ Sidar
There is a reason you are not Nintendo VP over Strategy. There is much more to product placement and market management than, "it's selling good, so why not make lots?" Proper product image and market manipulation can turn a dud into a best seller. No one is suggesting that Nintendo could sell 1 million Wii's per month, but are only producing 400,000. What is being suggested is that, with demand at about, say 400,000 per month, Nintendo produces between 375,000 and...

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Wow, that one went right over your head. You even agreed with Razzy while trying to disagree with them. The point is not that Nintendo SAYS that you need to buy a Wii (although they are, see executive statements warning of potential shortages this season), but that, by constraining supply, they create an artificial shortage, which leads to thinking like yours, and I quote, "because the fact that Wiis are still hard to find (at least here in the US) should be a clear indicator for consu...

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Those 150 million fans you mentioned are not fans of Sony, but fans of video games, good video games. You know, that thing that is in short supply on the PS3...

This race is going to be alot tighter than fanboys will admit. Wii has the price advantage and Nintendo-favorite franchises, Xbox 360 has a game library gifted with both quantity and quality, and the PS3 has Blu-Ray and some popular exclusives. They all have something to offer. They will all continue to sell.

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I agree with you wholeheartedly on the Shotty Snipers thing. It is a shame that the increased depth of gameplay offered by Halo 3's new arsenal is neutered by a gametype that allows only two weapons. I wouldn't mind so much if it didn't come up 50% of the time. You are right on here. Fortunately, Bungie can just tweak the matchmaking playlist. Send an email to Bungie, or post on the forums, so that they really do change it.

However, given Halo 2's longevity, I doubt Halo 3...

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You know, some think that it is BECAUSE Sony has not released their big hitters that they are out of the race. Microsoft was able to get by on the back of good-but-not-great-games for a year because there was no competition for next-gen gamers. Sony doesn't have that luxury, and the lack of "big hitters" on the console nearly a year after launch is bad. If you are fuzzy on the whole "good bad thing", let's say a Twinkie represents the quality of games available on the P...

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"PS3 never was in the race..."

While I don't agree with you entirely, I find it amusing that this statement is even somewhat tenable, given Sony's bold assertions before the PS3 launch. Claims that the 360 is competing with the PS2 and that the next-gen starts when Sony says so make Sony's current position the very definition of a cruel irony.

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The 17-year-old did not kill his little sister. He merely "attempted to strangle" her. The original poster is twisting the news by misquoting the original article.

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The one that's not Awesome?

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The article refers to a new player, not the same player with updated firmware.

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