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Had a stroke trying to read the first sentence of what you just tried to type.

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You’re acting like PlayStation fan sites didn’t hand TLOU2 dozens of undeserved 10/10s lmao

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I’ve seen you in almost every starfield article I’ve clicked on, why are you so triggered by other people enjoying a video game?

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I have like 45 hrs in the game and have experienced less bugs than I did in the same amount of time that I played FF16.

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The game looks amazing! I loved the first game and Miles Morales, I have no doubts this will be a masterpiece as well.

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I'm glad to see some positivity on here about the game, I think it's great!

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And The Last of Us 2 is at a 5.8, so if we are going off purely user ratings, it's a pretty bad game.

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Except it actually does if you happen to.. play the game. It's actually a great game. Admittedly, it took me around 3-5 hours for the gameplay loop to click and it isn't a perfect game, but it's better than this website is giving it credit for. It's a solid 8/10 game, and most review scores reflect that.

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@Zeuanimals wow another person who didn’t play it with tons of negatives to say about it; how surprising. Play a game before you judge it or don’t play it and don’t judge it. Game still has very positive reviews on metacritic.

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But there won’t be, because Spider-Man is going to be a great game. Just like Starfield. Why can’t we all just get along? I don’t understand it a bit.

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Soooo you admit to not playing the game.. kinda proving my point here. Anyone who actually has played the game and can prove it wanna throw their input in here or is it just gonna be people blindly hating that haven’t touched the game?

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Lmao just come out and admit you haven't played Starfield if you're giving it a 6.5. It's just Sony fans review bombing it because they're salty they can't play it, pretty simple concept.

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Nintendo created a formula of a game that actually focuses on engaging player experience and providing player driven decisions. The game is vastly different than BOTW, and only an idiot would call it a copy and paste game. The only game in the past 10 years that brought me this much enjoyment was Elden Ring, another game that didn't force the player to play the game in a specific way.

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I agree, while I do really enjoy the Yozora fight, I think it's far too difficult to be anything more than an optional boss. However, I do believe that there should be more bosses that are in the same weight and size class as Sora, as the majority of those in KH3 were the best fights. The giant heartless bosses just aren't as enjoyable.

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I mean was it the worse in the main trilogy? Probably. Was it better than every other game in the entire series besides KH1 and KH2? Yes. Before the Re:mind update, game was probably a 7/10, I would give it an 8/10 today. Story was mediocre compared to the other games, but I think the gameplay and worlds were solid.

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Constant updates, top-notch gameplay and gameplay loop, a lot of endgame content. There isn't really a FPS that fills the role that destiny fills anywhere near as well. Destiny isn't perfect, but it has reasons that keep people coming back. Also: I have played this DLC, and it's constantly being reviewed solely on its weak story. Destiny has never had the strongest story, but the gameplay holds it up. It's more like a 7/10.

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Why is anyone putting their steak in the ground? That would ruin the steak.

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Too late, TLOU2 is already surpassed by Elden Ring. No game could touch TLOU2 the year it released because there weren't that many games that released in 2020. I would have personally given it to FF7 remake over TLOU2 though. Besides, what does TLOU2 do that no other game has done? A shitty story? A bland, mediocre third person shooter with really basic puzzles? I guess it looks pretty. If it released this year, it wouldn't have even been in the same conversation as God of War Ragnaro...

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And at the end of the day, Elden Ring got more awards, is more widely adored by fans, and is simply a much better video game than TLOU2.

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Sword and Shield did not have mega-evolution, and Legends was a fantastic step in the right direction. Not a perfect game, but they are listening to their audience.

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