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I mean couldn’t they have just not given you fully upgrade cards and let you play how you would in coop just with bot team mates? The bots probably suck so how would anything be easier?

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Oh yes we were all hoping to play as Tetris blocks.

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I think it’s smart. Buy them before they become a juggernaut. Obviously they’re talented. Demons souls was one of the greatest remakes I’ve ever played.

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This game has been one of my biggest surprises this year. A quality game with a decent amount of content for only $40? I hope the success of this game helps it score a sequel. I’ll gladly pay full price for part 2.

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Just cause did not invent gliding in games. It has been around for a long time.

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I don’t even think zombies is gonna sell me on this one. I played the alpha and it has been one of the worst cod experiences I’ve ever had.

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I mean I would take demon souls over flight simulator any day, and I think it looks as good if not better.

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It’s something to do while my wife watches tv. I get excited when I find one, so it’s nice.

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That’s hardly the only advantage.

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Oh god stop the elitist bs. A game isn’t “casual” because it’s cartoony. Some of the greatest games of the generation live on Nintendo consoles. I love playing the Switch on the tv and then effortlessly taking it out when my wife wants to watch something.

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Ehh I’m just not gonna buy another entire switch for a screen. It’s probably the best option for someone who doesn’t have a switch, but without any hardware improvements besides a screen, it’s hard to justify a purchase. Honestly, this just kinda shows vita was way ahead of it’s time. I just wish Sony treated it right.

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I really wanted to like this game, but it was so damn boring. I love Kojima but he can do much better.

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Battlefield 1 above 4 and Bad Company 2? Not a chance.

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I guess we can’t win every month haha

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Honestly I feel like the people who would connect something so obviously not meant to be racist to a racial issue have issues.

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I highly doubt multi platforming is the reason their games are buggy as hell.

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I wouldn’t say it strictly is. Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, and LBP all had minimal story. Bloodborne’s story was very difficult to discern unless you’re keen eyed and read a lot. All of those games are critically acclaimed. I just don’t think this reviewer knows how to review these types of games.

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I played all of the big PS exclusives in the ps4’s life and God of War is the only one I can think of that goes above and beyond what Bloodborne accomplished. The others were mostly good, and sometimes even equal; but I don’t think of any of them greater except God of War.

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Some games aren’t story based. Ratchet and clank games have never been heavy story based other than maybe a crack in time. That’s like giving a Mario game a 7/10 for their story, it’s ridiculous. If it was a Naughty Dog game that was entirely based around the story it would be a different story, but Ratchet games should be primarily reviewed on gameplay.

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So ready. Honestly it’s time for a Ratchet game to win GOTY!

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