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Yeah.. more like ''Announcing BF2042: Give us another chance.. but for full price''

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There are more ways to make money though.
Or rather, starving the other party from making money = more opportunity for you down the line.

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No but it does give the impression that they cut out content that could've otherwise enriched the base game, and sell it separately instead. Wether that's the case or not we'll never know, but it's not a great move to win over your fanbase.

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Cool.. Dambuster did a pretty good job with Homefront imo. Hope this will turn out well.

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Hopefully a proper version of Hellraid, or something close to it.

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That's hilarious

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The second game was awesome, I have high hopes for this one.

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Yeah I think that's what a lot of people are missing about Star Citizen. It's proven to be a huge cash cow for the company, so naturally they'll want to keep that train going by slowly drip-feeding new content.

They're selling a dream, and will keep doing so as long as people believe in it.

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Graphics aside though, Elden Ring seems to borrow a lot from previous FromSoft games including animations. I'm curious about how it turns out as it seems to be a truly epic tale.. but I'm also moderately skeptical. It'll need to have it's own special twist, like Bloodborne, for me to be convinced.

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Some good old over-the-top fun, looks very polished too.

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Got the same vibes, both this game and VGA. Even called the antagonist being white with blue eyes before the trailer showed it. smh

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Never got into Warhammer or anything.. but this was pretty brutal, keeping my eye on it

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I wonder if we'll be educated enough to play his new game..

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Remakes are good for people who never played the game when it first released. I'm a big Souls fan for example, but never got to play Demon's Souls, so the remake was a very welcome one.
Same with Mass Effect Legendary edition, never played any ME before, going to give it a go soon.

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I've dealt with it quite a few times too, but it doesn't worry me too much, it seems to come and go in waves.
If for some reason I just can't enjoy anything, there's usually a good reason for it (i.e stuff I need to take care of IRL) and then after a few weeks without playing much, I often stumble upon a game that I just can't put down and all the excitement to dive in comes right back.

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Meticulous attention to detail is something I greatly appreciate in games.

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Not a car guy myself.. have a feeling that might change after playing CP2077

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I mean, that's why sales are a thing.. they want your money one way or another (let's face it, most of us have other expenses besides gaming)
I usually try to gauge how much enjoyment or gaming time I will be getting out of a game, and base my price off of that. Most games, with few exceptions this gen, I've bought around the 25-30$ range on sales.

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Or purchase on sales only.. which is what I will likely be doing.

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