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You mean problems that should have be during the year it was on pc?

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Yeah, because Shenmue is a cheap game to make uh?

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Only 30 mill? I think Sony is doing double that, no way this is coming to Xbox when Sony is funding it.

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True, but people that can pay money and level up faster then not paying is op.

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XP boost is op, my friend is already past level 34 and he did the ESP Plus.

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No, its more likely to come to PC like it has.

Microsoft shown nothing great, not even the fans seem to react. At Sony's, the fans were really loud and FF7R an Shenmue 3 destroyed anything Microsoft shown.

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An he was pointing out it isn't sold with just the two other dlc's, you buy taken king dlc or full game with all three dlc's.

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No, thats much bigger then this. Bungie hasn't everything that comes with taken king yet.

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Sure Sony will get something, but we have to hear people cry about it. I still got my copy of Fallout , so I'll passon getting another.

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So is just 360? Or are we talk even the first Xbox? Because if go's that far back, I'm sold.

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Sims is good, but you can't kill people with teddy bears in the Sim lol.

Was throwing my money at the screen when they shown the pip boy edition and it out this year.

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Sold after they said Fallout 4 with build your own house and stuff.

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That to, but most here get beated by the guys.

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Where I live, girls hate guys that play video games and its all because the guy snaps when something go's wrong in game and they take it out on their girlfriend.

Theres a few people here that still think gamers are fat lazy jobless people, fun to see how they react when I tell them I play video games XD

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If YouTube let's all games be on their new gaming site, then yes Twitch will be worry.

Shock Amazon hasn't seem to do much with Twitch after buying them.

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Game was out for a year on pc, so yeah.

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Just be ready for login issues, game crashing, lag and alot of stuff behind a paid wall.

That $15 a month gets you gold, full amount of xp from doing/killing things and other stuff. Its fun when it works, but csn be a pain.

Worst is quest that say the wrong level -

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Because no one can make a working new game, so its easy to remaster.

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That would be Microsoft.

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Kinect VR anyone?

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