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Nintendo really outdid themselves with this game.

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I don't see what else i can do besides moving my gaming set in the bathroom.

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Looks a lot more lively than GTA 4.

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Some pretty sweet stuff. I can't wait to get one!

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The score seems kinda low.

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That guy was having way too much fun with those glitches.

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This comment section is going to be fun.

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It says 3DS on the box....

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@poprocks. *Are a lot is actually correct, but Mika used alot instead of a lot. A lot is not one word, lol.

Mika always has spelling mistakes in her posts.

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@ Akuma. I read that the patch would have the Wii U use 1603mb of ram instead of 1600. My source might be older though.

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I do a lot of screaming and head shaking when i play, so this is good for me. Sorry for the other people.

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I always liked Treyarch more. Infinity sucks at designing maps.

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Great game. Capture the Flag is unexpectedly fun.

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The gamepad is included with the Wii U.

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You must have terribly underdeveloped motor skills.

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Or they just listed the resolutions it and the gamepad can produce. That's always a thought. No need to look so deep into it.

"It actually goes in ascending order of actual pixel lines !"

Numbers usually ascend when they go from lower to higher. Good job.

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Why doesn't anybody mention that almost the entire ps3 and 360 launch line up also launched on xbox and ps2 as well? Did people forget or do they just not want to remember so they can bash the Wii U? This is an honest question.

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@jeseth. I don't know any rapist either.

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It is not the consoles that are the problem. I would not like it if sony left either, but every other division is doing badly and if that causes sony to go down then guess what goes down with it? They would have to focus most resources on everything not gaming.

Playstation is the guy trapped in the back of a car with a drunk Bravia driving off a cliff.

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